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I’ll never forget using night-vision goggles to look for Bigfoot in the woods near Quantico at 2 a.m. (“In Search of Bigfoot,” August 2008).
—Graham Averill, Senior Editor

On one of my first assignments for Blue Ridge Outdoors (“Ferris’ Week Off,” July 2003), I spent a week straight tackling a different adventure: mountain biking Canaan Valley, rafting the New River, climbing Great Falls, backpacking Shenandoah, and running the Willis River Trail. The story culminated with my tandem hang gliding lesson near Lynchburg, Va. I was stunned by the abrupt shift of emotions that came with soaring through the air at 2,500 feet. Extreme fear suddenly turned into meditative peacefulness as I stared into the Blue Ridge sunset.
—Jedd Ferris, Managing Editor

Ironically, during my run across Great Smoky Mountains National Park for Clean Air (March 2002 cover), I suffered a debilitating, pollution-induced respiratory attack. The experience was disappointing at the time, but it ended up playing a pivotal role in a lawsuit filed by the state of North Carolina against Tennessee Valley Authority over its pollution-spewing coal-fired power plants. North Carolina won the lawsuit, and TVA is now required to install pollution control devices on all power plants affecting Great Smokies National Park and the state of North Carolina.
—Will Harlan, Editor-in-Chief

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