Double Amputee Ironman SCOTT RIGSBY


Dan Ettinger and Simon Goldberg rode their bikes 3,824 miles from the coast of Washington to the coast of South Carolina. Along the way, they asked everyone they met to tell them a joke. Why? Because there’s no better way to reconnect with the pulse of America than by trading good “knock knock” jokes. BRO talked with these two lifelong friends about making people laugh, hand gestures, and how full body lycra scares certain people.


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DMB Bassist, Stefan Lessard

On stage, Dave Matthews Band bassist Stefan Lessard hangs back, providing the low end of the grassroots groove. But when he’s not on tour, he likes to get outside and play, snowboarding from coast to coast and mountain biking wherever he can.

Outdoor Hero

With four Ironman triathlons behind her, Girls on the Run founder Molly Barker would like nothing better than to help young girls achieve greatness and self respect through running.

Partners in Grime: Multisport Marriages

The same could be said for those rare athletes who balance a passion for their chosen sport with the responsibilities of a normal life. These superheroes are athletes like Jay and Monica Curwen, two of the top adventure racers in the Southeast who also happen to be full time parents, spouses, and owners of Black Dome, one of the most successful outfitters in Western North Carolina.