Van Life Panel: What You Missed

One of the best parts of our job is hosting our smaller, community-style meetups. This week we were excited to host one of our most interesting and informative meetups of the season. We gathered Van Lifers and Van Builders from all over the front range to hold an intimate Van Life Panel at the picturesque Boulder Adventure Lodge just west of Boulder, Colorado.

We brought together a group of five van builders and five van lifers to answer questions and talk about all things #vanlife. We shared tips from the road, helpful minimalist life hacks, tips on how to build a van, and much more! It was so interesting and informative that we wanted to share some audio highlights with you.

Our expert van build panel:
Jon with Native Campervans
Matt with Titan Vans
Devon with TIMBR Basecamps
Dave with Vanlife Customs
Ian from Wayfarer Vans

Here are some of the most interesting highlights from the panel:

How to choose a van:

Interesting follow up:

What is a mistake that you have made during a build?

Things we thought we interesting regarding insurance and the title of your van:

After an hour or so and a few drinks, it was time for the van lifers to talk about what it’s like living in a van.

“Life on the Road” panel:Kathleen from Van Life Diaries and Tiny House, Tiny Footprint
Roxy from Live Outside and Play
Ben from Live Outside and Play
Lauren with Sacred Rides Boulder
Amanda from The Van Project

Why do you #vanlife?

Where do you go to the bathroom?

How do you shower?

We want to send a MASSIVE shout out to everyone who came and participated in our panel. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone and share some knowledge!


Places to Go, Things to See: