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Virtual Tour: Asheville Van Life Rally

The gathering of the tribe is always revitalizing. Last weekend, we met at June Bug Resort with 250 other like-minded vehicles and their owners for the Asheville Van Life Rally. We wanted to share a few of the many, many vans we toured! If the #vanlifer shared an Instagram or contact information, you will be able to click the photo and head to their page.  Take a look below.

Branden Leonard shows off his 2007 Element with 4 wheel drive and adjustable coil overs. His vehicle was on display with others by Fifth Element Camping. Leonard described his Element as the poor mans Westfalia, but more reliable!
Another example of a Fifth Element build-out. Click the photo to head to their Instagram.
Janet takes some time to relax in her 2015 Ford Transit with a 130-inch wheelbase. She said the van came into creation through a stubborn husband and insistent wife. It is named “Tubby” with great affection, and the words “It’s tubby time” are said regularly.
Terry and Daniel Miller showed off their Ford E-150. They built it out themselves with a control center in the back. Everything is organized!
An inside view of the E-150 by Terry and Daniel Miller
Jess Deal and Ryan Howsley stand outside their 1990 Ford transvan. They started Voited, a unique blanket company, out of the van to fulfill the #vanlife need of convenient multi-use bedding.
An inside look at their transvan.
Debbie and Doug pose outside their Nissan NV2500 with a V6 engine. The front end is the same as a Nissan Titan pick up truck, the back came as an empty shell for them to build out themselves. They kept it simple, with a lot of storage, no fridge, no shower, and no running water.
An inside look at their Nissan NV2500
Larry Coffey built his 2017 Ram Promaster 2500 out himself. He needed a lot of storage and went with the Promaster so he could sleep lengthways.
The inside of Larry’s 2017 Promaster
Katya Antipova travels around in her 2012 Ford Transit Connect. She says it’s the best little Connect there ever was. The layout is epic, and she’s brought her decorations of ‘Grammy-Chic’ to decorate it.
Katya’s Connect from the back.
Hillary Fryman rests in her 2012 Mercedes Sprinter. She tried to keep the build-out minimalist, with a “turtle shell” made out of grid beam. This creates a modular system that she can take in and out as needed. And she had a rope swing!

We saw so many wonderful vans over the weekend and this is just a sampling. Thank you Asheville Van Life Rally for hosting this wonderful community!

There is one way for this tour to be a reality, our sponsors! Sending a thank you shout out to our title sponsor Nite Ize, and all of our other awesome sponsors that make this happen: Crazy CreekNational GeographicSea to SummitMountain HouseLowe AlpineOld TownLekiHydraPakUCO Gear and WenzelIf you like the gear that keeps us groovin’ click here to enter for a chance to win

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