MagazineApril 2005Anne Lundblad and Annette Bednosky: WNC Women Stun the World

Anne Lundblad and Annette Bednosky: WNC Women Stun the World

June 26, 2005 will long be remembered in the Blue Ridge as the best day women’s running history.

Anne Riddle Lundblad of Swannanoa, N.C., finished second in the IAU World Cup 100K Road Race in Hokkaido, Japan. She kicked at the end to finish in a personal-best 7:54:22, just 40 seconds behind the winner. Riddle’s performance led the U.S. to a team gold medal.

Just hours later, Jefferson, N.C.’s Annette Bednosky won the Western States 100 Mile Trail Run-the country’s most prestigious trail race. Bednosky crossed the finish line in 18:42-the third fastest women’s time in the race’s history.

Anne Lundblad and Annette Bednosky are good friends, tough competitors, and inspiring role models. They shared their post-race thoughts with BRO:

Anne Riddle

Swannanoa, N.C.

Age 39

College counselor

Best moment of the race?

The last out-and-back 10K, which allowed me to check out my competition and to cheer on my teammates.

Worst moment of the race?

Miles 20-35, when I suffered stomach problems and wondered whether I would even make the finish. By slowing down just a tad and drinking fluids, I was able to regain control.

What did you eat and drink?

A bottle of Hammer Nutrition’s Sustained Energy and a gel every 5-10K.

Favorite energy gel flavor?

Apple Cinnamon-it tastes just like apple pie filling.

What shoes did you wear?

Saucony Grid Triumph road shoe.

Running heroes or mentors?

Ann Trason (13-time Western States 100 champion) is the ultimate-a woman who can compete against the men and who is equally strong on the roads and the trails.

Favorite place to train?

The 20-mile trail system at Warren Wilson College where I work.

Advice to other runners?

Love what you do. Running may serve different purposes for you at various times in your life. But the bottom line is, you have to enjoy it.

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Annette Bednosky

Jefferson, N.C.

Age 38

High school counselor

Best moment of the race?

Slipping and sliding in the Sierra’s snow for the first 20 miles. I was laughing out loud and having fun.

Worst moment of the race?

Bonking at Mile 65. I hadn’t eaten in hours. So I forced down a Clif Bar and eventually felt better.

What did you eat and drink?

Water, Gu2O, Hammer gel, and salted potatoes. I felt nauseous in the last 40 miles, so I mainly lived off Sprite and butterscotch candies.

Favorite energy gel flavor?


What shoes did you wear?

Montrail Leona Divides in size 9 men’s (it has a larger toe box).

Running heroes or mentors?

My dad, who is dying from prostate cancer, was on my mind all day. I dedicated the race to him. Anne Riddle Lundblad is another hero-she has always inspired me to run my best.

Favorite place to train?

Linville Gorge, Grayson Highlands, and Moses Cone.

Advice to other runners?Balance. Running is a good thing, but it’s not everything. Take time to devote energy to the important people in your lives.

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