Whether you like to take on one mile at a time or a whole fifty, we’re your perfect source for information, gear, and race guides on running in the Blue Ridge. Pick your next race, learn from our own elite and recreational athletes, or set a new goal no matter your level or distance preferences. Both road and trail running take the stage here, and runners on the street or in the woods can take BRO on the go.

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My Longest Mile

My life took an unforeseen turn this past January. In a mixture of “Groundhog Day” and “The Longest Mile,” my wife, an avid runner with a few marathons under her soles, inveigled me into a Faustian deal. ...
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The PR Chase

Runners are numbers people. Ask any runner about her personal records ("PRs") and chances are, she’ll be able to rattle off her best times for distances ranging from 5K to marathon—as well as records for a particular trail or neighborhood loop....