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The Guide to Continuous Running Improvement

8 ways to improve your running...

50 Things That I Love About Running

50 Thinks I love about running.

The PR Chase

Runners are numbers people. Ask any runner about her personal records ("PRs") and chances are, she’ll be able to rattle off her best times for distances ranging from 5K to marathon—as well as records for a particular trail or neighborhood loop.

Running in Reverse: The Benefits of Backwards Running

Timothy “Just Call Me Bud” Badyna is probably the most famous backward runner in the world, He has held world records in the 5K, 10K, 200 yard, and marathon for running backward, making him the man to beat in the world of reverse running.

Training for Your First Ultra

Ever think about running beyond the traditional 26.2? Here’s a crash course in getting your body ready for a one-day test of endurance.