WazUpWidis is being talked about as the most unparalleled and breathtaking urban race in all of Virginia, taking place on February 7, 2015.

Only a few have tested the course, and even today’s most sophisticated GPS systems can’t measure the overall pain — and gain — from the inherently complicated urban elevation changes. In no other place can you find such extreme elevation on such a flat topography.

WazUpWidis is what you get when combine the urban race concept of Roanoke Parks and Recreation, with the downtown elevation idea of Mountain Junkies LLC.

Together, these two identities have partnered for a one-of-a-kind event that will reach epic proportions.

This race is billed as “Roanoke’s Most Breathtaking Event.”

The race starts by running down an urban stretch of greenway that enters the Virginia Transportation Museum, where runners zig-zap in and out of a series of historical trains. Upon exiting of the train yard, runners will be challenged by climbing the stairs and decks of several city parking garages.

After crossing two urban bridges, the grand finale incorporates a 20-story climb, a descent of the Wells Fargo Tower, and a 7-story run up the deck of the final parking garage to the finish line.

You may be able to run, you may be able to climb, but can you do both?

It is very likely that at some point in this race you will think the words, “what’s up with this?!” But due to the level of this challenge, it will most likely come out as a one word gasp, thus the name: WAZUPWIDIS!