rainshadow-runningFew things areĀ better than a good trail run to rejuvenate the soul. But a festival that combines trail films, fellow runners, and beer? Now that sounds has potential!

Come see for yourself at the Trail Film Festival, coming to the Tapps Art Center in Columbia, South Carolina this Sunday, November 2; and in Asheville, N.C. on Monday, Nov. 3!

The Trail Running Film Festival, sponsored by Rainshadow Running, is a nationwide film tour celebrating the outdoor running community. Rainshadow Running has made it their goal to bring together the same committed runners who compete in their races in a more flexible atmosphere, and create the perfect opportunity to get to know your trail companions on a whole new level. This time, instead of lacing up your shoes, sit back and watch your role models tackle some of the most difficult and exciting trails across the world.

Photo courtesy of Rainshadow Running and Max Romey

Photo courtesy of Rainshadow Running and Max Romey

The films featured in the 2014 tour each focus on the choices, challenges, and lifestyles of the toughest ultra-runners you’ll ever meet. Here’s just a hint of what you’ll find: “Running the Edge: the Colorado Trail” follows Scott Jaime throughout his 486 mile journey along the Colorado Trail; “The Barkley Marathon: The Race That Eats Its Young” documents the trials and tribulations of the infamous race that kicks anyone less than the best to the curb; “Finding Traction” channels some major girl power in the footsteps of Nikki Kimball on the Green Mountains in Vermont; and “The Crossing” explains Nick Triolo’s arduous run across Baja, California as part of a protest against Mexican gold mining processes. The festival will present fourteen short films in all, each a a riveting peek into life on the trail.

Exciting films, good company, and local beer make the Trail Film Festival a go-to evening event for any runner or outdoor enthusiast. Give your feet a break Sunday night and hang out at the Rainshadow Running Trail Running Film Festival! Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. Don’t miss this chance to make new friends, celebrate talented filmmakers, and follow the running world’s best, brightest, and possibly craziest, on the greatest challenges of their careers.