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Wonder Women

SwimmingNext month, three world-class female ultra runners—Virginia’s Rebekah Trittipoe, North Carolina’s Anne Lundblad, and Jenny Anderson—will attempt South Beyond 6,000, a challenge that requires summiting the 40 peaks in North Carolina above 6,000 feet. The runners will connect the 40 peaks together in a 273-mile journey; they’ll run at least 40 miles of trail per day. Fifteen peaks will require bushwhacking and navigating to the summit.  The run will raise funds for Project Athena, which helps cancer survivors realize their athletic dreams.

Training: The Swim

For most triathletes, the swim is the slowest leg of their race. It’s also the biggest opportunity for improvement. Incorporate these swim workouts into your weekly routine, and you’ll gain overall fitness while shaving minutes off your tri time.
Intervals: Start by swimming two laps at a casual pace. Follow immediately by one lap at a fast, almost unsustainable pace. Repeat the process for 20 minutes.
Power Swim: Swim one lap at a sustainable pace, counting the number of strokes you take. Swim another lap but decrease the number of strokes you take by two. Swim one lap with normal strokes, then repeat the lap, cutting the number of strokes by three.
The Long Swim: Swimming for 30 minutes at a quick but sustainable pace. Add five minutes to your long swim each week until you reach the race distance. The last long swim before your race, you should be swimming at near race pace.

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