Chris Davenport, Griffen Post, Bella Coola, Canada photo:Adam ClarkThis week, get to know big mountain ski explorer Chris Davenport.

Dav is no joke: two-time World Champion, the first to tackle each of Colorado’s 54 14,000-foot peaks in under a year’s time, and Mt. Everest guide, he has created a life of pure adventure – even as a family man with a wife and three young sons! I bet Davenport could teach the rest of us a real thing or two about time management. But for now, Chris has bigger and better things to show the world. Thanks to Red Bull Media House, the new web series “Faces of Dav” will follow Chris Davenport across the world from peak to peak, tracking this mountain legend to discover “his equation for success.”

Chris Davenport, Griffen Post, Bella Coola, Canada photo:Adam ClarkThe first episode, aptly and succinctly titled “The Adventurer,” takes to the summits of Bella Coola, British Columbia, where Chris traveled with friend and fellow skier Doug Coombs in 2007 for the filming of the movie Steep. Just as the two were wrapping up the trip, however, Coombs died in an accident on the mountain. In this episode, Chris heads back to the tragic scene to both honor his friend and recreate a piece of his past.

If Davenport inspires you (which we know he will), keep an eye out for the rest of “Faces of Dav” through Red Bull Media House. The next episode airs on October 23rd, with plenty more to follow. Get psyched for winter with Chris Davenport, and wake up your own inner adventurer!