Outdoor Updates: Jake Burton Carpenter, the father of snowboarding, dies at age 65

Photo of Jake Burton Carpenter tweeted by Burton Snowboards

Jake Burton Carpenter, the father of snowboarding, dies at age 65

Jake Burton Carpenter, the founder of Burton Snowboards has died, officials from this company announced on Thursday. Carpenter fought testicular cancer in 2011 and told employees just this month that the cancer had returned.

Carpenter opened Burton Snowboards in 1977 with the goal of advancing the snowboard, which was then called a “Snurfer.” His commitment to the sport paid off, and under his wing the sport of snowboarding grew into a billion dollar business. “He was the soul of snowboarding,” the company said in a statement.

A Surf City brewery makes packaging that can be consumed by wildlife

The Salty Turtle Beer Company located in Surf City, NC has an innovative solution to an old problem. In an effort to ditch the traditional and problematic plastic beer rings, the company has begun packaging its beer in eco-friendly rings that can be consumed by wildlife. 

The rings are produced with by-products of the brewing process and are made from compostable materials. They are biodegradable, disappearing in just days, and will not harm wildlife if consumed. 

Hiker dies at Zion National Park’s infamously dangerous Angel’s Landing

The body of a 19-year-old woman from Maine was recovered from Zion National Park after she was reported missing in the Angel’s Landing area. The body was located below Angel’s Landing and had injuries consistent with a high elevation fall. The hiker was identified as 19-year-old Savannah McTague who worked at Zion Lodge. 

Angel’s Landing is considered one of the most dangerous hikes in the United States. The trail is extremely narrow in some spots with sheer drops over 1,000 feet and no guardrails to assist hikers. Since 2004, there have been nine other fatalities on the trail. 

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