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Winter Gear Guide 2009: Skiing and Snowboarding

If there’s one season when you need the right gear for your adventure, it’s winter. Don’t believe us? Try backpacking through Shenandoah National Park in February with a three-season tent and a 40-degree sleeping bag. Or go cross-country skiing wearing all cotton. Hitting the mountains during the winter with the wrong gear is a recipe for misery and potential disaster. But don’t fret. BRO’s 2009 Winter Gear Guide covers the full spectrum of winter goodies, from 0 degree sleeping bags to running tights to snowboards designed for terrain parks.

Children of Winter

Ski film legend Warren Miller’s latest flick, Children of Winter, features much of the expected big air action. But this one jumps around the...

Telemark Skiing in the Southeast

On a snow-covered hill in West Virginia, there is a large group of men wearing skis and holding hands. I am one of those hand-holding men. We begin skiing together down the hill on telemark skis, and when our instructor yells “turn left,” we all drop our left knee, genuflecting in unison.

A Snowball’s Chance

-Eric Angevine, Charlottesville, VA When I was a kid, the first snow of the season was always an event in my house. Even at midnight,...

Telemark Destinations

The single best reason to learn to telemark? “It makes a small mountain a lot bigger,” says Brian McCormick, a ski patroller at Wisp Resort...

Best of the Outdoors 2008: Snowsports

BEST SKI RUN Sawmill Glades Snowshoe Mountain, W.Va. Sawmill Glades is one of the newest trails at Snowshoe Mountain, offering official tree skiing for advanced skiers and...