SnowsportsWeekend Pick: One Last Day of Skiing at Wintergreen

Weekend Pick: One Last Day of Skiing at Wintergreen

Spring skiing is usually reserved for those resorts in the Mountain West. Those resorts build up a base that just doesn’t quit when the sun comes out and the spring freeze/thaw cycle begins. While powder days may be few in March and April, the upside is that spring corn is almost as good, when it’s good. When it’s bad, you are still skiing or snowboarding in a t-shirt, the warm sun is still hitting your face, and the good vibes of another ski season are still coursing through your veins. Plus, sometimes the snow bunnies come out in non-traditional ski attire, which can be something to see. Yes, the spring ski season out West is a great time to be on the slopes, but is something we rarely see here on the East Coast. Usually, as soon as the temperatures start to rise and the snow melts faster than a snowball in hell. Speaking of, that is about the chance of spring skiing we see in any given year.

Well, this year, that snowball is going to make it until this weekend. Due to some late season snowfall and low temperatures in the mountains, Wintergreen Resort will open Saturday for one last day on the slopes. This is the last opportunity to get some winter sport in, so take advantage. Wintergreen is also offering lift tickets for $25, so there is no real excuse: unpack those boards, throw on some jean shorts and stretch it out because there is going to be some hot-dogging going on Saturday!

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