SnowsportsWeekend Pick: SugarFest at Sugar Mountain Resort

Weekend Pick: SugarFest at Sugar Mountain Resort

It may feel like it’s been coming forever, but ski season is officially upon us on in the Southeast. Skiing is one of those unique activities where there are tons of people involved and doing their own thing, and yet, everyone is on the same page. A ski resort can hold a ton of people at a time, and you may feel like they are all there to steal your line, but the truth is this: everyone on that slope is there to shred, have fun, get to the bottom safely, and shred shred shred. This is the common thread that ties us together when we are out there. It is the reason you can have such great conversations on a lift with perfect strangers, or stop to grab a ski or pole after someone wipes out in front of you. It’s the camaraderie that is part of the fun. This is why ski resorts have the reputation for partying, antics, and generally sophomoric behavior. Well, we also have to take into account most of the people there are on vacation, but that is all part of the greater point. Skiing and having a good time make people happy, and happy people like to party.

As luck would have it, you can do both at Sugar Mountain Resort this weekend at their annual SugarFest celebration. This is a weekend-long party on the slopes for the whole family. The festivities kick off on Friday with a Preseason Adult Ski Clinic with 1994 Olympic Gold and Silver medalist Diann Roffe. She will be hosting the clinics all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and giving expert technique analysis. (Click here for more information on what comes in the package and for pricing.) Also Friday will be a performance by 1992 Olympic Figure Skating Silver medalist Paul Wylie with a clinic and meet and greet following the show. Both will be on hand – with their medals! – for autograph signing that evening. There will be demos available from the top names in the snowsports industry on both Saturday and Sunday, so if you are looking for a new set up, now is the chance to sample the latest and greatest skis and snowboards of the season. Once the lifts stop spinning on Saturday, there will be an after ski party with Boss Hawg playing bluegrass and a fireworks show.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of events going on throughout the weekend. Sugar is also offering deep discounts on lodging so make this a ski weekend to remember.

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