A Bed & Breakfast for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Athletes from flat landscapes often take training “vacations” in the mountains to challenge themselves in elevation or train for mountain events. Roanoke is among the top spots to book to get away from larger metropolitan areas and get in mileage around less traffic. Meeting the need for athletes in search of lodging is Roanoke Boutique Hotel (RBH). With its Downtown location and gear-friendly spirit, more and more athletes are taking refuge in this historic bed & breakfast, instead of a traditional hotel.

Owner/innkeeper Diane Hailey enjoys hosting outdoor enthusiasts of all types and specialties, “I have really enjoyed being part of the outdoor scene in Roanoke, and I’m excited to host Ironman and cycling athletes year round.” 

Winning the bid for Ironman in 2020, Roanoke is making a name for itself as a sports mecca for the mid-Atlantic. Roanoke Boutique Hotel offers healthy breakfasts with athletes in mind, respecting the training and nutritional needs of athletes.

“I’ve been an avid functional fitness and obstacle course athlete for years, so I have some insight into what athletes are looking for when they travel,” says Hailey. Nutritious breakfasts, a quiet environment, comfortable beds, and safe equipment storage are always at the top of the list for travelling athletes.

Roanoke Boutique Hotel is a unique bed & breakfast, unlike other B&Bs in its form and function. “When I created the space, I did not want it to feel like a Victorian B&B,” she explains. With a modern, rustic feel, it lacks the old-world Victorian décor, which typically dominates the B&B industry. “My house feels more like a New Orleans cottage than a New England dollhouse, and that’s the way I like it,” Hailey smiles.  RBH specifically targets outdoor enthusiasts to create a community of athletes to share knowledge and stories around the communal kitchen. “My vision for RBH was to host outdoorsy people, doing outdoorsy things, and I’m so excited to see that vision come to life,” says Hailey.

Rooms include breakfast served as early as 6 a.m., free parking, WiFi, and Netflix. Weekend rates typically start at $195 in peak season.  Go to www.roanokeboutiquehotel.com to book or for more information.

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