Alleghany Highlands, VA Outdoor Event Series

The Alleghany Highlands is home to three of the most action-packed outdoor events in the Mid-Atlantic. Whether you run, bike, swim or all of the above or simply enjoy great competition, don’t miss out on the fun. It’s Uniquely Alleghany.

May 9th – Alleghany Gran FondoAgony in the Alleghanies:

Visit the beautiful Alleghany Highlands of Virginia to ride in one of the most scenic Gran Fondo’s on the east coast! The event rightfully exemplifies it’s name “Agony in the Alleghanies” with our Gran Fondo course reaching nearly 10,000 feet of climbing! 

This event features a Gran Fondo: 103 Miles
Medio Mountain: 64 miles including Hot Springs Mountain Climb
Media Fondo: 69 Miles
Piccolo Fondo: 30 Miles
King and Queen of the Mountain races (Hot Springs Mountain)

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June 27th – Jackson River Scenic Trail Marathon:

The Jackson River Scenic Trail Marathon is a certified Boston Marathon qualifying race that also includes a Half Marathon, 10K & 5K.

Gideon Wilson from Washburn, TN finishes the Jackson River Scenic Trail Marathon setting a new course record.

The event takes place on the Jackson River Scenic Trail, a beautiful, predominately flat trail composed of smooth crushed gravel that runs adjacent to the scenic Jackson River! 

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August 1st – Lake Moomaw Open Water One Mile Swim: 

The Lake Moomaw One Mile Open Water Swim takes place amid the beautiful mountain landscape and breathtaking scenery of Lake Moomaw in the Alleghany Highlands. The Race begins at Cole’s Point Beach and follows a loop out to Gathright Dam and back to the beach to finish. 

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Whether you come for the day’s event or make this your weekend destination, the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia offers visitors more than sights to see. Here you can step away from the hustle and bustle of a hectic life and step into our world where we embrace our rich heritage, celebrate the arts and have a passion for our beautiful outdoors. Perhaps most of all, we treasure our friends and neighbors and welcome visitors to our community with open arms.

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All photo credit goes to Chuck Almarez.

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