AVL Beer Week Celebrates Triumphant Return

AVL Beer Week Celebrates Triumphant Return to In-Person Events May 27-June 5, 2022

Western North Carolina breweries, businesses, and non-profits team up with Asheville Brewers Alliance for a week of events celebrating local craft beer and community.

Photo: Stephan Pruitt

After 2 years of virtual events, AVL Beer Week celebrates a triumphant return
to in-person events May 27th through June 5th. Celebrating its 11th year, AVL Beer Week has
grown into the largest annual celebration of craft beer’s impact in Western North Carolina. A
project in collaboration with the Asheville Brewers Alliance, AVL Beer Week brings together
industry, innovation, education, and culture into an inspired series of beer, food, music, and
outdoor events across Western North Carolina – one of the nation’s premier places to visit, live,
work and play.

Photo: Stephan Pruitt

This year’s celebration features a theme of “The Road to AVL Beer Week,” acknowledging how
far we’ve come, and all of WNC’s continued journey to post-pandemic recovery. AVL Beer Week
2022 will be unique, because in addition to our formative focus on those visiting Asheville,
we’re celebrating with an eye to our own homecoming — our locals and our road to resilience.

Photo: Stephan Pruitt

The goal of AVL Beer Week is to facilitate delightful collaborations that showcase the region’s
interconnected web of everything that goes into your pint, and everything your pint supports –
local breweries, local farms, local experience providers, local restaurants, local makers and
creatives, local educators, outdoors people, nonprofits, and everything in between.

Photo: Katie Smith

Expect old favorites like tastings, dinners and discussions along with a new and creative outlook
in a conscientious and still rebounding pandemic era. Leaning into the Western North Carolina
lifestyle of the outdoors, good beer, good food, and good people, as we journey forward.

Photo: Stephan Pruitt

Asheville has earned its reputation as a welcoming mountain town that embraces
multi-culturalism and diversity of experience – and those values are consistently reflected in the
local beer community. Locals and visitors alike will find literal common ground at Asheville-area
breweries large and small, urban and neighborhood-centric, family-friendly and dog-friendly.
Keep up with announcements about daily events and sponsors in the weeks ahead at
avlbeerweek.com. And follow AVL Beer Week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
@avlbeerweek, and by using the hashtag #AVLBeerWeek.

Cover photo: Stephan Pruitt

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