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Better Call Fall

Finding special locations among all the outdoor greatness the Blue Ridge has to offer is why we travel regionally. Tucked deep in the mountains of Appalachia and West Virginia is just that place.

Tucker County, West Virginia has been welcoming outdoor enthusiasts for decades as one of the east coasts best true four season destinations. After idling down from a long 2020 summer, the show is really about to begin. With September being the calm before the encore of October, these are the two month locals consider Tucker County’s finest.

fall in tucker county

Fall comes early to our neck of the woods as September night time temperatures will hover in the 40’s and 50’s. Tree canopies will begin to have a muted green hue with reds and yellows showing through by early September. Just in time for the annual Leaf Peepers Festival and Run For It half-marathon in Davis, WV held every September.

fall biking tucker county

Hikers and mountain bikers find ideal conditions through autumn as the weather is drier and far less humid. Shorts by day and flannel by night, makes September in Tucker County just right.  Another huge plus for September, and do not take this personally. There aren’t as many visitors!  This is when the purists head to places like Dolly Sods and Otter Creek Wilderness Areas.   

One of the greatest gifts Tucker County could have ever asked for is the organic arts movement that has been transforming the town of Thomas, West Virginia for two decades now. There is never a bad time to explore art galleries, but fall has its advantages. For one there are more opportunities to meet and chat with resident artists. Also, you never know who is setting up outside to paint, sculpt, or carve knowing winter is not far away.

What really matters to most is the timing of when the autumn leaves will reach their peak color. Mother Nature has consistently produced peak fall color sometime between October 5th and 15th over the past ten years.

Thankfully Tucker County’s mountains and valleys have elevations as high as 4,000 feet in Dolly Sods Wilderness and down to 2,400 feet at our county seat in Parsons, WV. This means fall color can be a full week to 10 days behind depending on where you are. Right in the middle is Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley State Parks, respectably two of West Virginia’s most recognized state parks. Leaf peepers are rewarded each October with endless views of mountains and canyons flush with color. 

Winding down from a day of getting tuckered is meant to be done on a porch in the woods while taking in the sounds and smells of fall. Whether it be a cozy cabin for two or family weekend of fun, there are a multitude of lodging options for where to lay your head down at night. Keeping it simple and sweet is easy with a one night stay at one of our boutique motels or bed and breakfasts.

Come take a chance with us this autumn as the seasons transform into Tucker County’s natural crown jewel. A place of beauty, sophistication, and humbled past will exceed the experience one expects when visiting wild and wonderful, West Virginia.   

All photos courtesy of Tucker County

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