Sponsored ContentBoone, N.C.: The Ski Capital of the South

Boone, N.C.: The Ski Capital of the South

Some are surprised to discover that Boone, North Carolina, is considered the Ski Capital of the South. But we are! Not because we have our very own lifts, runs, or chalets. Rather, it’s our proximity to three major ski resorts—Beech Mountain, Sugar Mountain, and Appalachian Ski Mountain—that make us the hands-down best skiing and snowboarding destination in the Southeast. But the winter fun doesn’t stop there.

We’re also well known for excellent cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and other winter pursuits available nearby. Elk Knob State Park and Moses Cone Memorial Park are literally minutes from Boone. And you may be surprised to learn we’ve also got the largest snow-tubing park in the Eastern US (with cold-weather ziplining, too).

Perched up high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Boone delights visitors with its small-town feel and laid-back attitude combined with an outstanding array of amenities. Fact of the matter is, you’re not likely to meet a friendlier group of people than you’ll find in this scenic mountain town that Appalachian State University proudly calls home.


For most folks who come for winter fun, Boone becomes their unofficial base camp. A respite filled with creature-comforts, entertainment, great food, and shopping that they can conveniently return to after a day on the slopes or out exploring the wilds.

But lest you think we’re a winter-only sort of place to visit, please allow us to persuade you otherwise. Whether you come in winter’s whiting or visit during a color-drenched fall turning-of-the-leaves, we’re here. Want to wait ‘til our hills and valleys are bursting bright with spring greenery? Awesome! Or are you among those who reserve their visit for July or August when you’ve just-flat had enough of another “so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk” urban summer? Whichever season (or seasons) you choose for your visit, we trust you’ll be darn glad you chose Boone.

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Natural Beauty

Boone’s natural beauty is breathtaking, with vistas that seem to go on forever as the subtle hues of the Blue Ridge Mountains graduate, step-by-step into the distance and blend with the horizon. All who’ve come to Boone since the days of its earliest visitors have been moved by the experience, which is why we say: Inspiring Awe Since 1849TM. Take a 10 minutes drive anywhere from downtown Boone and you’ll confirm that we’re not overstating our case. After all, seeing is believing.

Infinite Outdoors

Whether your preference for fun is a double-black-diamond dash or bunny hill snow plow, ropes course or sidewalk surfing, chalk-bag bouldering or bellying up to the bar in one of our breweries—we’ve got ya. Prefer quiet hikes, birding, or selfie-taking with scenic vistas as a backdrop? Done deal. Want to cross the mile-high swinging bridge on Grandfather Mountain or be able to say you topped Calloway Peak like old Daniel Boone himself? We can make that happen. Point is, every activity—easy or hard—you want is available. Just ask.

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Not Your Average Mountain Town

Most folks tend to have preconceived ideas about what mountain towns do and don’t have. Mostly, they expect the don’ts. So, if you’re concerned you’ll find few options here, fear not. That’s not what Boone and the area around it are like. We have a thriving arts and culture scene. Plenty of places to shop and discover fantastic finds. Accommodations galore—from hotels to bed and breakfasts, cabins to vacation rentals. And we’re kid friendly. With plenty of activities and attractions younger visitors love—even a Wild West Theme Park with a historic steam locomotive, amusement rides, and a petting zoo.

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Laid-Back Ethos

As visitors make their way up the mountain into town, something almost magical happens. Whatever cares were clinging to them seem to melt into distant memory and suddenly only now matters. Is it the intoxicatingly fresh mountain air? Maybe. The scenic wonder? No doubt. Even though we have activities that never take a rest, our pace here is never rushed. Time, indeed, seems too slow. Ahh.

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So, friend, we’ll be the first to admit that there are plenty of Blue Ridge mountain towns you can choose for your vacation. But we’ll humbly suggest—none better than Boone.

When the rustling of fallen leaves, hush of freshly fallen snow, trickle of a spring-melt
brook, or song of summer birds starts calling your name… come join us in Boone, North
You won’t be disappointed.

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