Bridgedale Sponsors Race in Support of Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve

On October 10th, 2015, the Ruffner Mountain Crusher Ridge 21k and 42k took place in Birmingham, Alabama. A challenging 21k loop with a double loop option takes the runner to every corner of the park and features many of the rock crushers that give the race its name.  Once an old mining site, it has been reclaimed by nature and is now maintained for recreational use.

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In support of the Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, Bridgedale was pleased to sponsor a race where all the proceeds from the race were to help them maintain and preserve a tranquil landmark.

In each runner’s swag bag, Bridgedale donated a redemption card that would allow each runner to receive a free pair of Bridgedale’s CoolFusion® Run Speed Demon or Speed Diva. David Link, Bridgedale’s Sales Agent, personally attended the event to meet the runners and hand out the free socks.

BNA Speed DemonBNA Speed Diva

Ideal on the trails of Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, Bridgedale’s CoolFusion®Run is technically designed for trail or road running. Maximizing the benefits of natural and technical fibres it is knitted to deliver a highly ventilated and comfortable pair of socks.


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