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Quick question: how many family activities can you name these days where everyone willingly participates, free of digital distraction, and nobody complains? Quick answer: skiing and snowboarding. The current digital era has arguably changed family dynamics more than any other social environment and yet hitting the slopes en masse remains wonderfully old fashioned. Sure, there’s some Go Pro filming plus pauses to “snap” or “gram” a moment, but in the end skiing together really does mean together.If you’re curious about how good skiing could be for your family, head to Seven Springs Mountain Resort one weekend and take a look at everyone’s faces. Guaranteed, you’ll see beaming smiles from just about everybody, regardless of age. There’s an unmistakable shared sense of silliness that resonates on the 10 chairlifts, down the 30+ runs, and inside the lodge.The reasons behind this glee abound: It’s the fifth grader who just skied her first black diamond run or the dad who gave snowboarding a try. Perhaps mom has finally figured out how to carve that inside ski edge during her private lesson or the little guy nailed his pizza turns in morning ski school and can’t wait to show them off when he joins the rest of his family after lunch. One beautiful truth about skiing and snowboarding: improvement is just part of the fun.Seven Springs Mountain Resort was designed to be all-inclusive, a diverse snow sport environment with expert-only glades, seven terrain parks, and plenty of intermediate and beginner slopes. Rental and lesson packages provide a great introduction to skiing or snowboarding and the Seven Springs offerings provide an ideal learning environment. Affordably priced and featuring small-sized groups, classes match new skiers of similar ability and teach them to ski appropriate terrain before transitioning to the next level.This communal exuberance provides one of the most cherished and unique experiences in all of sport. We may not take the same jump off that little ledge or carve as deeply into the powder or even scoot the same way down a shared run, but the buzz from an unbridled sense of accomplishment and mutual enjoyment remains unmistakable.This enthusiasm carries well beyond the slopes at a resort like Seven Springs, where families and groups of friends can gather inside 11 different dining establishments, such as the Pizza Place, Bavarian Lounge, and Foggy Brews. Families, especially those with teenagers, appreciate Slopeside’s buffet-style dinners, while burger buffs fall for Timbers. DJs spin at the Matterhorn Lounge on weekends, while plenty of families summit the snow tubing park —whether for the Tuesday Night Tube-A-Palooza Party complete with all-you-can-eat buffet (see previous teenager comment!) or for great fun every other night of the week.

The quality time we spend with our kids continues to disappear into the digital divide. Providing livery service between this soccer tournament and that middle school dance just isn’t enough. As parents, even though we all know most of this separation is perfectly healthy, we still crave a little more “us” time as a family. So whether you have a five-year-old or fifteen-year-old twins, make some time for Seven Springs Mountain Resort and see what family bonding’s all about.

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