Ditch the Routine

You wake up, wolf down a quick (but nutritious) breakfast, then sit in traffic on the way to work. Maybe you’re lucky and there’s an interesting program on the radio! When you arrive at work you take the same old seat at your desk, you punch out your best work, and then when the clock hits 5, you’re back in the car. Again with the traffic… Then you get home.

Photo by Michelle Lotker courtesy of Conservation Trust for North Carolina.

It’s so easy to get frustrated with the mundaneness of your day-to-day routine. The weekend is a relief, but even that can get repetitive. You wake up late, maybe see some friends, and probably watch a little more Netflix than you should.

Any break from that pattern is relieving. Thankfully, there are countless ways you can break away and explore someplace new – right in your own backyard!

Photo by Michelle Lotker courtesy of Conservation Trust for North Carolina.

Download this map of North Carolina’s wild places 🗺 to find somewhere new where you can break the repetitive cycle and spend time enjoying some fresh air! From taking a quick walk with a coworker or tackling a two-day hike with your significant other, there are so many ways to interact with the land.

In fact, why not take your furry bestie for that one-on-one time you’ve been promising them?

North Carolina possesses extremely diverse landscapes. From rolling mountain ranges to miles of sandy shorelines, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this state. All this beauty is made possible by local land trusts that work tirelessly to conserve land throughout North Carolina to provide you with places you’ll love for life!

Photo by Dan Whittaker @exploringnc. 

The weather is beginning to warm up, so what better time to scratch that outdoor itch that has built up over this long winter? Our map includes directions to over 110 public areas that are just waiting for you to explore! 📍

Get out on a trail, snap a pic, and share it to Instagram so we can see your #myNCmoment. Need more inspiration than that?

This smashing selfie was taken at Grandfather Mountain State Park, which was conserved with funds from The Nature Conservancy, The Conservation Fund, and Blue Ridge Conservancy. It’s located a quick 30-minute drive from the heart of Boone – the perfect amount of time to give your favorite playlist a good listen. 🤩

Photo by Zacharias Wright @theunchartedway. 

If hiking isn’t your thing, we totally get that. Why not visit Rose Creek instead, kick back, and do some fishing? Conservation Trust for North Carolina worked with the Clean Water Trust Management Fund to preserve this land for the protection of water quality.

Photo by Michelle Lotker courtesy of Conservation Trust for North Carolina.

These are just a few suggestions out of the hundreds we could make. You know yourself, your passions and what gets you excited. Why not share how you like to get outdoors with us. Ditch your daily routine. Download our map to find your next adventure location, make some memories, and keep us updated with #myNCmoment along the way! 🤗

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