Freestyle’s Ski Favorites

Here at Freestyle, we know that a good pair of skis can make your season. Some of our personal favorites are the HEAD Joy series, and Instinct series, and we want to offer anyone who buys a pair between now and January 14th the opportunity to win one of two amazing prize packages:

1. Complete Clothing Outfit by Obermeyer

2. Any GIRO Helmet and Goggle Combination


Why we love the Joy Series:

The Joy series is light done right—it’s so light that you will have more energy to enjoy your day. Thanks to the GRAPHENE™, the ski is lighter and also more durable, providing you with more natural balance and control on the slopes. Never before has a material made skiing so much fun. GRAPHENE™ simply makes the skis do the work, so your feeling of joy lasts longer. Viva joy!


Why we love the Intinct Ski Collection:

From beginner to intermediate, skiers of all levels can trust the INSTINCT ski collection to help them surpass their own limits with the perfect combination of technology and innovation. The skies are more reactive, always balanced and in complete control of whatever the mountain throws at you thanks to the revolutionary GRAPHENE™ technology, the lightest and thinnest, yet strongest element discovered by mankind. The material’s unique properties allow the reduction of common material like wood and glass fibres, and, consequently, allow the addition of extra titanal layers, which creates a ski with unique reactiveness and responsiveness.. And if it is the control you worry about, worry no more. Thanks to GRAPHENE™, the ski’s camber has a lower profile, which makes for easy turn completion. In combination with the HEAD ERA 3.0 technology, the evolutionary rocker architecture for superior steering, increased floatation, and tremendous turning, these skis will chew up and spit out any terrain that comes your way.

Don’t forget to stop by Freestyle before January 14th to purchase your pair of skis and be entered to win one of our two prize packages!


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