Have the Best Camping Weekend with a Pelican Cooler

Summer is ending, but the holidays are still a long ways off. Don’t let work burn you out this fall. Take a weekend camping trip with your family, and bring along your Pelican gear to make the trip easy from start to finish. 

Preparing for your camping trip is half the battle. Here are a few steps to take for camping success:

  • Bring in your 70QT Elite Cooler on Thursday evening and start pre-chilling it so the insulation will be ready to keep everything inside frosty over the weekend.
  • Doing meal prep—like chopping and pre-portioning vegetables—at home means you’ll be able to chow down faster at mealtimes.
  • On Friday afternoon, when you pack your cooler keep what needs to stay coldest at the bottom of your cooler with large blocks of ice and alternate layers of food and cubed ice as you fill it up.
  • Keep fragile items—like bread and eggs—in a dry rack basket where they’ll be protected from getting wet or crushed.

Before you leave the house on Friday, top off on caffeine. Fill your 10oz Dayventure Tumbler with strong coffee to keep you alert on the drive to the campsite. This small but mighty tumbler is going to see you through the whole camping trip, doubling as a tumbler and a bowl for food. The double-walled, vacuum-sealed stainless steel will keep everything you put into the tumbler piping hot.

pelican coolers dayventure tumblers

Once you arrive at the campsite, hurry up and get everything set up. If you time it right, you can kick back and enjoy the sunset with a cold drink from the cooler before making dinner. Speaking of dinner, who’s up for some campfire chili? Start by sautéing the onion, green pepper and garlic that you prepped at home. Add a can of crushed tomatoes, a can of strained pinto beans, and the prepped spices. Once the chili is bubbling in your pan, rinse the dregs of your coffee out of your Dayventure Tumbler, and serve up a perfectly portioned bowl of chili. Don’t forget the cheese on top!

pelican 39

Rise and shine with the sun on Saturday morning. Fuel up for a day of hiking by making instant oats with nuts and raisins in your Dayventure Tumbler. Once you’re done eating, wash out the tumbler and make yourself a cup of coffee. Now it’s time to pack a picnic lunch in your Dayventure Backpack Soft Cooler. The dedicated cooler compartment at the bottom of the backpack is big enough to carry six drinks. You’ll still have plenty of room for ice, or you could use some 1lb Pelican Ice packs and skip over the mess from melting ice. The top compartment of your backpack cooler is lightly insulated to keep your sandwiches and snacks crisp and refreshing.

Now you can take a hike—a long one! The padded shoulder straps of the Dayventure Backpack Soft Cooler make it comfortable to carry all day long. It is made of water-resistant fabric so you can wade through streams and walk through the rain without worrying about water getting into your food. No matter how rough the terrain and weather, your picnic lunch at the scenic overlook will be worth it. Just don’t forget to pack out all of your trash when you hike back to camp!

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Dinner on Saturday evening is going to be a breeze again. Pull the foil packs of chopped potatoes, carrots, and onions you prepped out of the cooler and set them on the grill to cook. The steaks you packed are thawed inside the 70QT Elite Cooler and ready to be grilled. Don’t overcook them, and remember to let them rest before cutting them up for dinner! Unwrap your roasted veggies and voila! Dinner is served. As the moon rises, settle in around the fire to make s’mores and tell ghost stories. Have you heard the one about the haunted cooler? It wasn’t washed between trips, and terrifying monsters grew inside! They say you can still smell the horrors to this day…

After a late-night, it’s best to sleep in on Sunday morning and enjoy a late brunch. Pull the last of the prepped veggies—onions and red peppers—out of your cooler. While they’re sautéing in the pan, you can get the eggs out of the safety of the dry rack basket. Crack them over the veggies, sprinkle in some salt and pepper, and give everything in the pan a quick stir to mix it all up. Let the eggs fully cook to create a delicious egg scramble. Top with cheese and some pre-chopped chives for a fancy touch.

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When brunch is done, it’s time to pack up the campsite. Load your 70QT Elite Cooler into the car, and appreciate how much lighter it is without all the food inside—although there’s still more than enough ice. Take care to leave the site as neat as it was when you arrived. But don’t drive home just yet! Take one more hike, perhaps a short loop that you couldn’t squeeze in on Saturday. On the way home stop at a coffee shop and have them refill your Dayventure Tumbler one last time.

Come Monday morning the weekend of camping will have you and your family refreshed and ready to face another week. So stop waiting; grab your Pelican gear and head out to the campsite this weekend. We can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday!

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