NOMO FOMO: ResMed POWER Station II Comes Through for Overnight Outdoor Adventures

No mo’ FOMO—literally “No More Fear Of Missing Out—due to sleep apnea.  Ever since I started using a CPAP machine while sleeping at night, I feel so much better, and the thought of a night without it is certainly unappealing.

I’ve always loved outdoor adventure travel, backpacking, camping out, weekend music festivals, multi-day backcountry trips, sleeping under the stars, and spending several days and nights in the backcountry. It’s all so magical and beautiful.

But when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, my overnight outdoor activities dwindled, and I found myself missing out on a lot of weekend camping trips and adventures.

My CPAP machine needs to be plugged in and I don’t want to go camping without it. It’s no fun to have zero energy after a sleepless night.

Thanks to the ResMed Power Station II, there is no more missing out.  

I just returned from an epic off-the-grid adventure: eight days rafting down the Colorado River through Marble Canyon and the Grand Canyon. I slept under the stars for seven nights in a row. The best part was that I woke up well rested everyday, thanks to this awesome portable power solution.

River rafting with a CPAP sounds crazy, right? It was easy. While on the river, the CPAP and batteries were in dry bags, and both stored in a drybox, which kept everything very protected and completely dry.  Setup of the ResMed Power Station was super easy, and when I needed to recharge the batteries, it took less than 2 hours for a full charge.

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