Slatyfork, Enduro, WVMBA, Poca Trails – Hard to get much better than that.

Now in our third year of hosting an enduro, we believe we are getting better – but come on over and race; don’t just take our word for it.  In true enduro fashion you get it all here where skills with fitness will rule.  New this year, we are adding Turkey Point / Turkey Point Connector as a stage. With this addition, you get a really fun transfer stage, vista point over Tea Creek / Red Run / Tea Creek Mountain, awesome downhill (rivals Tea Creek Mountain) and since we added a shuttle, about the same amount of climbing as past years.  But, we are getting ahead of ourselves. 

The race will start on Mine Road at the landing across from FR 844 (this is near the top, about a ¼  mile from Gauley Mountain Trailhead).  Racers Meeting at 8:30, start at 9:00.  From there a short warm up to Tea Creek Trail head and gentle climb to the start of Stage 1.  Though short, this stage is a blast, ¼ mile or so of rolling grade to the shelter and then turn it on – single track, natural berms, and root and rock stair steps to the finish.  That takes you to the Gauley Connector, a slight grade (old logging railroad) with more roots, rocks, and ancient RR ties onto Gauley Mountain Trail to the climb up Bear Pen. 

Stage 2 starts at the rock chair, a short climb above the shelter.  This stage is a bit longer – double track, baby rock garden to single track and then open it up on a skid grade, just over a mile of fun.  The climb up Boundary is next, pretty easy up to the final push up at the spruce thicket.  At the intersection, you jump on Turkey Point / Saddle Loop.  This is really fun, transfer rolls / flow / short downhill.

Stage 3 starts with a bang – rock garden, short peddle to a left hand entry to an off camber skinny rock garden, then hang on for a mix of double track / single track rock and roll descent.  The stage stops short of Bannock Shoals which is the transfer to the Tea Creek Campground shuttle staging area. 

After a quick shuttle up the scenic highway to the Tea Creek Mountain Trailhead, there is a bit of a climb to the famous rock garden on Tea Creek Mountain – the start of Stage 4. This is the fitness stage – nail the rock garden, peddle some flow, and drop in.  Pick your line and it is not butter, but pretty smooth. 

One more climb on Tea Creek Mountain to the final stage (Stage 5) at the big boulder at the start of the final descent.  Pure single track, downhill delight.  Depending on how far back in the lineup you are, you will probably smell some hot brakes about midway down.  Just when the arm pump sets in, you get to the last 1/3, a bit more technical and just as steep, watch for the babyheads – they have teeth.  The finish is on the Williams River Trail.  Then a short peddle to the river – pick your wading line, we lost the bridge in the flood.  Shuttle back to the top (last shuttle at 4:00 pm).  Head through the field on Right Fork to the Connector (short, but a joy to ride) to Gauley to the landing.

The schedule of events is here:  Poca Trails Slatyfork Enduro, registration is here: BikeReg.  Saturday should be a blast, casual shuttles, figuring out lines, kid’s race, games, food and beverage.

Thanks to our sponsors, and a huge shout to the Monongahela National Forest for the special use permit and Snowshoe Mountain Resort for shuttle service.

Also here are 2 statements that need to be included according to our Forest Service contact.  

Approved non-discrimination statement:

“Pocahontas Trails is an equal opportunity provider and employer.” 

Approved Forest Service affiliation statements:

“Pocahontas Trails is a Permit Holder of the Monongahela National Forest.”

“Operating under a Forest Service special use permit”

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