Stand for the Land

Every day in North Carolina is like something out of a movie – from the lush, green forests 🌿 to the sandy dunes of the coast 🏖, there’s something for everyone here. Even a drive on your morning commute can give you a small glimpse of the beauty of this state.

When you ditch your everyday routine and get outside to hike, bike, run and paddle consider this… Many of North Carolina’s parks, greenways, trails and overlooks that you love to explore are not there by accident. They are the result of careful, consistent and dedicated partnerships between NC land trusts, the local communities they serve, and public funding appropriated by the NC General Assembly.

Several properties featured on this map of North Carolina outdoor places have been conserved with generous funding awarded by the Clean Water Management Trust Fund and Parks and Recreation Trust Fund including No. 21 Waterrock Knob; No. 23, The Orchard at Altapass; and No. 105, Springer’s Point Preserve. To date, a total of $1.24 billion has been awarded to worthy land, water, farmland, and park projects across North Carolina.

Money from the Conservation Trust Funds doesn’t only go to the purchase of conserved lands but it also supports critical upkeep and maintenance required to provide safe access to parks for all of us. 🔨

Without people like you reminding your lawmakers and elected officials that land and water conservation needs to be a priority, this work would not be possible.

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You’re part of a growing movement.

North Carolina voters believe land and water conservation are important assets. According to a survey, 77% of registered voters say that protecting the forests is important and 78% say that protecting fishing and wildlife is important. 🎣 If you agree, now is the time to add your voice to an important issue.

If, as North Carolina residents, we want to continue to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us every day, then we need to unite and advocate. We must let those that have been appointed to serve us know what issues are close to our hearts.

Don’t just get out and discover North Carolina’s natural places – take a stand and advocate for land and water conservation so they’re protected forever. 🙌

So many things that we can accomplish in our lifetime are fading – but the land can be forever. Enter your email here to join our action alert network and be notified when we need you to join with us in our mission to protect North Carolina’s diverse beauty and stand with us for the land. 💪

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