Beautiful Buffalo Valley

 The Town of Unicoi is a rural Town located in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee. It is believed that the town’s name is derived from an Indian word “unika” which means white, fog-like, or fog-draped, which is how the Indians described the mountains in the area. The town is 16.3 square miles and is surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest. The area is a destination for many hikers, campers, and those seeking adventure in the outdoors. 

The Town of Unicoi and the surrounding areas provide many opportunities for hiking and becoming one with nature. The Pinnacle Trail leading up Buffalo Mountain to a renovated fire tower is located in the Town of Unicoi, along with other area trails leading into the mountains and to beautiful waterfalls. The area has maintained its natural beauty while supporting local businesses and being conveniently located right off of I-26. Stop by and see our beautiful landscape, visit our local businesses, and experience our friendly town. You may be one of the many who decides to move to this beautiful area. 

When you take a look around the Town of Unicoi, you will see the Buffalo all around. Maybe not live animals, but their picture, symbol, and name. The buffalo was an obvious choice for the Town of Unicoi since there is a long history with buffalo in this area. Buffalo Mountain, Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Valley, North Indian Creek and South Indian Creek continue to symbolize the history of the area and give tribute to the first inhabitants of the area, the buffalo and the Cherokee Indians. So what is a buffalo trace? Over time, buffalo cut a narrow path in the woods as they walked with their herd nose to tail in one long line. Their size and sharp hooves pounded down tails in open land, chipping out land and rock until the path lay 3-4 feet below ground level. Banks along the sides of some trails have raised as high as 6 feet. In 1789, John Sevier (frontier leader and later Tennessee’s first governor) defeated a large band of Cherokee and Creek warriors at Rocky Fork in what is now southern Unicoi County. In his own words, Sevier stated “It was the bloodiest fight in all the Cherokee Wars”. Soon after this historic battle, both the buffalo and the Indians began to disappear from the land, eventually leaving behind only the places for which they were prominently known. 

The Town of Unicoi hosts a series of events per year, some of which have gained a large following. The Fiddlers and Fiddleheads Festival is held at Farmhouse Gallery and Gardens the event will be held on Saturday, April 27 from 11am-7pm. Event entry is FREE and everyone is welcome! Free camping will be available. The event will include indoor and outdoor music stages with music from all over the area, an antique car show, handmade craft vendors, food trucks, and much more! Music will range from bluegrass to gospel with some country. Feel free to bring your lawn chairs and musical instruments and join in the open jam sessions that spring up in nearly every corner of the farm. 

The Town of Unicoi Wayne Scott Strawberry Festival is a celebration and presentation of the unique heritage, foods, crafts, and culture of the southern Appalachian region in partnership with the Famous Scotts Strawberries. The Festival will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2019, from 10 am – 5 pm. Food for all tastes, musical entertainment, special events, and quality arts and crafts blend to create an exceptional atmosphere for artists to exhibit and sell their work. 

The Town of Unicoi is thriving with deep Appalachian roots, a simple drive through these hills will leave you awestruck. Be sure to stop into the quaint Town and visit the trails, and local eateries. For more information on the Town be sure to visit our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We will see you around! 

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