excludeUnited By Blue Cleanup

United By Blue Cleanup

For lovers of the outdoors, there are few pleasures in life as great as bagging a challenging peak or enjoying a leisurely paddle. But loving the outdoors is about more than just enjoying our forests and waterways. It means being responsible stewards of the lands we love, and putting our money where our conscience is.

We love supporting brands that are committed to protecting our natural resources. One such emerging brand is United By Blue.


Not only are they making super stylish and durable gear and apparel, they’re working to minimize their impact by crafting products out of eco-friendly materials, including recycled polyester, organic cotton, and wool. This keeps plastic out of our landfills and limits the use of damaging pesticides.

They also work to reverse environmental damage by cleaning up one pound of trash, for every single item sold. So far they’ve removed 1,584,581 pounds of trash from our waterways!

Want to get involved? Frugal Backpacker, with locations in Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC currently has awesome finds from United By Blue at closeout prices – check out some of our favorites below. You can also enter to win a United By Blue outfit for you and a friend.

(Left to right) Flannel MSRP: $94 Frugal Price: $47, Grange Vest MSRP: $138 Frugal Price: $69, Beech Flannel MSRP: $78 Frugal Price: $39, Martel Wool Vest MSRP: $158 Frugal Price $79.

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