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Unbound Summer Adventures In Tucker County

Dreaming of an unmatched summer getaway? Look no further than Tucker County, West Virginia. This premier mountain escape offers something for everyone, from charming small towns to an unrivaled bluegrass festival.

With over half the land dedicated to public spaces, Tucker County is a paradise for adventurers.  Endless forests teeming with native trout streams stretch on forever under a vast, unbroken sky.  Between these breathtaking landscapes are vibrant towns with a laid-back vibe and a population of only 6,500 welcoming residents.

4th of July Celebration

Tucker County celebrates Independence Day in style! A dazzling fireworks show lights up the sky on July 6 in Thomas. The festivities kick off on Saturday morning with Mountaineer Days, featuring a half-marathon, a parade and lively music. Local vendors line the banks of the North Fork of the Blackwater River, offering delicious treats and unique crafts. Wrap up the weekend with a free concert by the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra at Canaan Valley State Park — a truly unforgettable experience!

Pickin’ In Parsons

Music lovers won’t want to miss the legendary Pickin’ In Parsons Bluegrass Festival, the county’s longest-running event of its kind. This year’s festival runs from July 30 through August 3 at the Five River Campground in Parsons. John and Joyce Bowers started the event and have grown it into a celebration of bluegrass music, even being recognized as the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Event of the Year in 2017! As a bonus, Five River Campground, located along the banks of the Shavers Fork River, allows you to take in the music from the water.

A Cultural Gem

The town of Thomas is a hidden gem for art lovers. Think Santa Fe or Park City, but with an ​​eclectic, small-town charm. One local gallery even ships their creations across the country, with their work finding a surprising number of fans in Flagstaff, Arizona! Catch a free afternoon performance or an evening concert at The Purple Fiddle. This local spot, owned by John Bright, has been able to offer music year-round for the last few years! Whether you seek one-of-a-kind clothing, special art prints or the next big musical discovery, Thomas has it all.

Cool Comfort 

Escape the scorching summer heat! Tucker County boasts temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler than most East Coast destinations, with highs often 20 degrees cooler than Washington D.C., located just 125 miles away. The average elevation of 3,000 feet ensures cool breezes and low humidity, making Tucker County a great spot for summer travelers. Unwind, explore and unleash your inner adventurer in this unreal mountain paradise. 

Isn’t it time to plan your unbound escape to Tucker County? Plan your summer getaway now. 

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