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There are those of us who yearn and pine from our window-less cubicles, dreaming of that unicorn job where passion and work are inextricably combined. And then there are those of us who scratch that dream job out of the dirt with our bare hands. The Virginia Beer Company co-founders Chris Smith and Robby Willey are of the latter camp. In their past lives, Smith, Willey, and VBC brewmaster Jonathan Newman were consultants and financial analysts and teachers, good at crunching numbers, but better at drinking beer. Headquartered in an old utility building in Williamsburg, Va., VBC’s beers are as eclectic and bold as those starry-eyed guys who had a dream then made it happen.

In the Richmond area? Be on the lookout for these five beers, which just hit shelves last week! No matter your style, and whatever the season, VBC has a beer for you.

Saving Daylight

Citrus Wheat Ale – 4.9% ABV

For all of your upcoming summer afternoons down by the river, this crisp beer is bursting on the flavor and light on the hop. With subtle notes of grapefruit and orange, this refreshing beer is best paired with a fishing rod and a canoe.

Free Verse

India Pale Ale – 6.8% ABV

No need to hop till you drop on this one. Gone are the days when every IPA must be as bitter as a Warhead. This IPA is well-rounded, extremely drinkable, and balanced to perfection with Azacca hops and whole-cone spicy, piney Chinook.

Elbow Patches

Oatmeal Stout – 6.2% ABV

This is the ultimate fix to even the worst of winter-blues-cabin-fever-I’m-going-to-snap-if-it-doesn’t-stop-raining moods. Every sip is downright decadent—velvety chocolate with a roasted coffee finish. Curl up by a fire with this stout and a good book. It’ll be spring before you know it.

Wrenish Rye

Dry-Hopped Amber Ale – 6.0% ABV

For a new twist on the German classic rye malt, this amber ale nails it. A little bold, a little spicy, a little fruity, a little dry, it’s a little bit of everything you’d want in a dry-hopped amber ale.

Fresh Powder

100% Citra DIPA w/ Lupulin Powder – 8.0% ABV

What began as one of VBC’s “Experimental IPAs” has now become its annual flagship beer in the series. Full-bodied with a not-too-bitter citrus taste on the backend, this double IPA packs a punch without tasting like it. 

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