Trail MixAndrew Duhon: A Poet With Six Strings

Andrew Duhon: A Poet With Six Strings

“Jesus might forgive you, but the preacher’s never gonna forget.”

Right there, in the chorus of “Just Another Beautiful Girl,” New Orleans based singer/songwriter Andrew Duhon hooked me.  He had me.  This single line in this tale of a good girl flirting with the wrong side of everything in a small, Bible Belt town – a girl whose actions made her the object of derision and fascination, the subject of both gossip and prayer – brought into stark relief the notion of forgiveness, both human and divine, and the reality that it is often harder to find pardon here on Earth than in heaven.

I didn’t stop listening for a couple weeks and I discovered that Duhon’s latest release, The Moorings, is ripe with such lyrical gems.  A poet with a six string, Duhon calls to mind contemporary songwriters like Ryan Adams and Joe Pug; he writes and sings with a soulful veracity, honest nearly to a fault, with his thumb squarely pressed on those emotions – love, hope, selflessness, forgiveness – that make us all human.

The Moorings has become my favorite record of the first half of 2013.  I’d love to give you the chance to check it out for yourself and add it to your collection.  Today’s contest is pretty simple – just shoot me an email with ANDREW DUHON in the subject line.  A winner of a copy of the disc will be chosen from all emails sent in by 5:00 today.

Our friends down in southern Alabama and New Orleans can catch Andrew live in the latter part of June.  After that, he will spend much of July touring the United Kingdom.  If you know anyone across the pond, let them know that one of the rising voices in Americana is heading their way.

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Good luck and happy listening.

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