Trail MixTrail Mix 2020 - Vol. II

Trail Mix 2020 – Vol. II

They’ll send me records. For free. And I didn’t even ask.

This was my first true revelation when it came to writing about music. Way back in 2007, I opened my mailbox and there was a distinctly CD shaped cardboard container. Nestled inside was Last Good Kiss, the new record from Last Train Home. I was mystified. I had no idea how the label knew about me, why I had gotten the record, or what I had to do with it. I even remember writing my good buddy Jedd, now editor of this fine magazine, asking if I was obligated to do something with it.

Oh, to be young and naive.

While I wasn’t obligated, I did end up writing about that record, and I have been a fan of Last Train Home, and pretty much everything Eric Brace, singer and front man for the group, has done ever since. In late January, Last Train Home dropped their first record in twelve years, Daytime Highs & Overnight Lows, and I was as thrilled to get it as I was to receive that first record so many years ago. These guys are masters of modern Americana, and Trail Mix is happy to feature “Sleep Eyes” on this collection of tunes.

This volume of Trail Mix also includes some outstanding tracks from some long time favorite artists. Check out new tunes from Chicago Farmer, Miss Tess, Jen Starsinic, Della Mae, John Moreland, Son Little, Possessed By Paul James, The Ballroom Thieves, and Tami Neilson.

Also featured are brand new tunes from Rose Cousins, Darling West, Jason Lee McKinney Band, Michael Doucet, The Flyin’ As, Sarah Morris, Sasha K.A, SoloS, Mount Hudson, and Robert Vincent,.

Please share the word about this new volume of tunes with the music loving friends and family in your life. Get out there to a show. Grab a record or two. Help support the tremendous artists that so regularly support Trail Mix.

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