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Andy Hackbarth chats up some of his favorite places to hang in this latest edition of My Town.

It’s a blessing and a curse that lost love has, time and again, proven to be such a reliable muse.

The blessing, great music, is the one thing that trumps the heartache felt by the songwriter.

Panorama Motel, the latest release from Colorado based songwriter Andy Hackbarth, was penned during a turbulent period in Hackbarth’s love life. Trained at the Aspen Music School in classical guitar, Hackbarth adeptly tackles a messy break up on the nine tracks of this record, vaulting between haunting choruses and toe-tapping, Jack Johnsonesque jangles.

For his sake, I hope Andy doesn’t experience any more rough spots soon. For our sake, though . . . . well, that would be too selfish.

I recently chatted with Andy about some of the better known secrets of his hometown of Denver, Colorado

BRO – Favorite local artist?

AH – I am a big fan of Megan Burtt. I was still living in Nashville when I started researching Denver-area artists, and she came up somehow. I was instantly hooked. Great voice and a great songwriter/guitarist. We’ve become good friends now that I’ve moved back to Denver. She’s a lovable weirdo in the best way possible.

BRO – Best post-show hangout?

AH – The band usually tries to find a good local brewery after shows, and Denver is a downright Mecca for great craft beer. Prost Brewery is one of my favorites, and after a few there, it’s a short walk back to my bass player’s house, where the night usually ends with us making slow-motion ninja videos . . . and here you were thinking half-naked women and cocaine! And this reminds me that I need to post a few of those ninja videos.

BRO – Favorite local music venue?

AH – As most would say, it doesn’t get any better than Red Rocks, just outside of Denver. It’s acoustically amazing, has a panoramic view of the Denver cityscape, and is literally built into the rock on the side of the foothills leading up into the Rocky Mountains. Even if you don’t see a show there, it’s a must visit spot when you’re in Denver. That being said, Mishawaka is a great venue, and I love going to shows at Chautauqua in Boulder, too.

BRO – Favorite outdoor adventure?

AH – I love St. Mary’s Glacier. It’s about an hour’s drive from Denver, but you can hike it and ski down in the middle of summer, and there’s a glacial lake at the bottom with a twenty foot cliff jump that’s a blast if you’re feeling adventurous. That water can take your breath away. It’s a short hike with beautiful views and plenty to keep you busy.

BRO – Favorite organic restaurant?

AH – There are two places downtown that I really like when I am going organic or ven, which is fairly often these days: Watercourse Foods and City O City. They both serve awesome vegan comfort food and some interesting beer/cocktail selections and, of course, being at the heart of Denver hipster scene, the people watching is phenomenal. If you’re in the mood for a quinoa burger, a gluten-free beer, and a side of red skinny jeans, you’re in luck!

Andy just wrapped up a bunch of dates  celebrating the release of Panorama Motel. He’ll be taking some time off in November before heading out in a few weeks as the featured performer on a Carnival cruise through Australia.

That there is good work if you can get it.

For more information on tour dates or how you can grab a copy of Panorama Motel, point your browser towards Andy’s website.


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