Ryley Walker’s second record on the Dead Oceans label, Golden Sings That Have Been Sung, drops later this month, and the August edition of Trail Mix is thrilled to include “The Roundabout,” the first song from the new release to be shared. This new collection of songs from the 27 twenty-seven year old Illinoisan is an admirable follow up to last year’s Primrose Green, an album once described to me by a friend as the most perfect soundtrack for lying outside and gazing at the sky.

It’s always exciting when an artist you stumble upon the first time around releases a second record and, by good fortune, a track ends up on Trail Mix. Such is the case with Ryley Walker, and the mix is happy to have featured him now for a second time.

Trail Mix is also excited to feature a song from world renowned folk musician John Gorka. Last month, Gorka released Before Beginning: The Unreleased I Know – Nashville 1985, which includes previously unreleased studio takes from the tracks that became his debut record, the seminal I Know. Featured this  month is an early cut of the record’s title track.

Returning to Trail Mix this month is Dale Watson, the undisputed (in our mind) King of Honkytonk. Check out “Where Do You Want It,” a brand new track from Watson’s live album, Live At The Big T Roadhouse.

Other alumni making their return to the mix include Hymn For Her, The Stray Birds, Jonah Tolchin, and The Coal Men.

Be sure to check out new tunes from Ben Millburn, Simon Linsteadt, The Chairman Dances, Miss Tess & The Talk Backs, Courtney Marie Andrews, Kelsey Waldon, Michael Logen, Matt Brown, and Evening Bell.

Stay tuned to the Trail Mix blog this month. Chats with Chelle Rose, Forlorn Strangers, B.J. Barham, and Thomas Cassell are on tap.

And, of course, make sure you head out to your local record store and snatch up some albums from the great artists featured on Trail Mix this month. Spread the word. Buy a concert ticket. Support these artists that are so generous with their music.

  1. The Roundabout Ryley Walker 4:42
  2. Strange Mamma Evening Bell 4:45
  3. Love Is Not Enough Matt Brown 3:52
  4. I'll Go Ben Millburn 3:54
  5. Nostalgia Simon Linsteadt 3:21
  6. Where Do You Want It Dale Watson 1:49
  7. I Know John Gorka 3:04
  8. How Quickly Your Heart Mends Courtney Marie Andrews 3:46
  9. False King Kelsey Waldon 2:49
  10. Chief Benge's Saddle Thomas Cassell 4:05
  11. Thousand Mile Night Jonah Tolchin 3:53
  12. Third Day In A Row The Stray Birds 4:36
  13. Rockingham BJ Barham 2:35
  14. Ready Or Not Michael Logen 3:24
  15. Pushed To The Side The Coal Men 3:44
  16. Ride that Train Miss Tess 3:10
  17. Paintsville Table Chelle Rose 4:04
  18. Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin The Chairman Dances 2:33
  19. Devil's Train Hymn For Her 3:27
  20. Bottom of the Barrel Forlorn Strangers 3:41


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Photo by Tom Sheehan.

Please note that “Thousand Mile Night,” by Jonah Tolchin, is available for stream only.