Trail Mix – August 2018

It’s funny how each Trail Mix settles out each month.

As the list came together, I thought to myself, “Has there even been a better collection of tunes from artists whose names start with A to lead off a mix?”

Aaron Lee Tasjan. Amanda Shires. American Aquarium. That’s a hell of an alphabetical start to this August mix. And that’s just the beginning. The rest of the alphabet is pretty well represented, too.

Featured also is some poignant alt-country from Memphis, Tennessee’s own Lucero (pictured above) and tunes from of my favorite local (to me) artists, Beth Snapp and Bill & The Belles.

There’s also great stuff from long time favorites Kevin Gordon, Hot Rize, The War & Treaty, The Devil Makes Three, and Chicago Farmer.

As always, there are some exciting new artists on Trail Mix this month, too. Check out new tunes from Darren Jessee, Couch Jackets, Bird Streets, Chief White Lightning, and Walter Salas-Humara.

And be sure to tune in to the Trail Mix blog. Chats with Jonathan Scales, Boo Ray and uber chef Sean Brock, Folk Soul Revival, and B are on tap.

Dig what you hear? Get out and buy it! Sure, it’s free here. But these great artists will surely appreciate it if you got out and grabbed some records or concert tickets. Give back to those who give to Trail Mix. Always.

  1. Radio Boogie Hot Rize 2:45
  2. Pass On B 3:33
  3. Other Side Folk Soul Revival 2:41
  4. Healing Tide The War and Treaty 3:33
  5. El Camino De Oro Walter Salas=-Humara 3:41
  6. Saint On A Chain Kevin Gordon 5:46
  7. Focus Poem (feat. Béla Fleck) Jonathan Scales Fourchestra 4:37
  8. Bad Idea The Devil Makes Three 2:58
  9. Letting You Go Darren Jessee 3:42
  10. Don't Think Just Breathe Couch Jackets 3:45
  11. Citys Alive Chief White Lightning 3:19
  12. Postcards Chicago Farmer 4:43
  13. Saint Misbehaving Boo Ray & Sean Brock 3:02
  14. Direction Bird Streets 3:50
  15. Finger Pointin' Mama Bill and the Belles 2:25
  16. Easy to Love Beth Snapp 3:46
  17. Things Change American Aquarium 2:41
  18. White Feather Amanda Shires 3:35
  19. Heart Slows Down Aaron Lee Tasjan 4:03


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