Trail Mix – Deep Roots Mountain Revival

If you are looking for a musical road trip this weekend, look no farther than the wilds of West Virginia.

Just outside of Masontown, on the former site of the vaunted All Good Music Festival, the Deep Roots Mountain Revival will be kicking off its second festival today and running through an impressive collection of artists, big and small, through Saturday.

On the bill for this year’s festival are Brandi Carlisle, Dr. Dog, Lettuce, Sam Bush, Moon Taxi, Larry Keel, Town Mountain, and many, many more.

The line up is deep and eclectic, but the fun doesn’t stop with the music. Included in the daily schedule are diversions like yoga, hoop building and dancing, meditation, and stuff for the kids to do, too.

A longtime friend of mine, Micah Davidson, became part of the Deep Roots team this year. Davidson, who founded Midwood Entertainment in Charlotte in 2015, has been involved with booking bands and promoting festivals throughout the Southeast for years.

I chatted with Micah this week about this year’s festival, exciting bands on the bill, and unusual green room requests.

BRO – How did you get involved with this festival?

MD – I had actually ever been to the site where we hold the festival, on Marvin’s Mountaintop outside of Masontown. Last year was the first festival, and I had friends involved, so they invited me up to have a small working role in the inaugural event. After seeing the site and spending time with the producer, Claude Ryan, I just knew it was something I had to do. We have a great relationship and work really well together. I really have to thank him for the opportunity, as it’s the biggest event I’ve been part of so far.

BRO – I noticed there are some great bands from West Virginia on the bill. Was it important to give the home state some love as you went about booking?

MD – I always feel that it’s important to support local bands. It helps the community get more involved in the event and gives you a great regional fanbase. Plus, you never know when one of those bands is going to become the next Sturgill Simpson or Dave Matthews. Those big bands had to start somewhere, and I think that, sometimes, the general public forgets that. And it’s fun to be able to say you had “that band” on your festival way back when.

BRO – Band that you are particularly excited to have on the bill?

MD – White Denim. I’ve told everyone on the team where they can find me when their set starts. I’ve been a big fan for years and they never disappoint. I’ve got them playing a couple of my festivals this year.

BRO – Best part of your job this week?

MD – As corny as it might sound, just getting to work with my friends. In this industry, I spend a lot of time traveling and meeting people who become like family to me. Getting to see them, hang with them, and share an experience like this is about as great a thing as you can get. If you aren’t enjoying the company of the people you work with, you should get a new job!

BRO – You don’t have to name the band, but what’s the most unusual request you have ever gotten for the green room?

MD – Well, it wasn’t for this festival, but the strangest green room request I have ever gotten was for ammunition. Yes. Ammunition. I read a band rider once and they requested ammunition. I laughed at first, and then I found out that they were serious. Needless to say, I didn’t provide it, but they did get a fantastic selection of beer, healthy snacks, and the like.

If you find yourself free this weekend and have a festival itch that needs scratching, head to Marvin’s Mountaintop. Deep Roots Mountain Revival kicks off tomorrow in wild, wonderful West Virginia, and runs through Saturday.

For more information on the festival, line up, and schedule, please check out the website.




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