Trail Mix – February 2016

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There are few people on the planet who know the Grateful Dead like David Gans knows the Grateful Dead.

Gans, who has ushered fans from around the world through the soundscape of the Grateful Dead via the nationally syndicated Grateful Dead Hour on public radio and his SiriusXM call in show for nearly three decades, recently published This Is All A Dream We Dreamed: An Oral History of the Grateful Dead, his fourth book focused on the band.

Gans also released It’s A Hand-Me-Down, a collection of Grateful Dead tunes easily recognized by dedicated Deadheads and even casual fans, late last year. Trail Mix is excited to feature “Loser” on this month’s mix.

Also included this month is a brand new track from jazz sax master Stan Getz. Perhaps describing the tune, “O Grande Amor,” as “brand new” is a bit of a stretch, as the recording was laid down in 1976. it is only now being released, four decades later, in the deluxe CD Moments In Time.

Some fantastic musicians with Asheville ties pop up on this month’s mix. Check out brand new tunes from Larry Keel, Malcolm Holcombe, and Jane Kramer.

Be sure to check out the new music from Carrie Rodriguez, 8 Ball Aitken, Old Man Canyon, Jon Patrick Walker, Gladiola, Alpenglow, The Westies, Freakwater, Simon Linsteadt, Colours, The Waco Brothers, and Henry Wagons.

Stay tuned to the Trail Mix blog this month for chats with Eric Brace, Dori Freeman, Paul Burch, and a ticket giveaway for Jane Kramer’s CD release party at The Grey Eagle in Asheville.

And, of course, get out and buy some of this incredible music. Support these artists who so willingly support Trail Mix. Grab a disc. Buy some concert tickets. Spread the word and tell a friend. These great musicians appreciate it.

  1. If I Had A Gun The Westies 5:15
  2. Meridian Paul Burch 4:08
  3. Carnival Of Hopes Jane Kramer 5:27
  4. Monster Colours 3:43
  5. The Asp And The Albatross Freakwater 3:11
  6. You Have Grown Simon Linsteadt 4:10
  7. Solitude Alpenglow 3:34
  8. To Get By Malcolm Holcombe 4:04
  9. Hideous Monster Jon Patrick Walker 3:12
  10. Loser David Gans 6:54
  11. Ain't Nobody Dori Freeman 2:30
  12. Been Awhile Eric Brace & Peter Cooper 3:52
  13. Greatest Hits Gladiola 3:02
  14. Back to the Start Old Man Canyon 3:58
  15. Cold Burger, Cold Fries Henry Wagons 3:16
  16. O Grande Amor Stan Getz 6:50
  17. Receiver The Waco Brothers 2:48
  18. She's Going To Mexico I'm Going To Jail 8 Ball Aitken 3:18
  19. Memories Larry Keel 4:01
  20. Z Carrie Rodriguez + The Sacred Hearts 4:28


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