Trail Mix – February 2017

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The title of Nicki Lane’s new record, Highway Queen, is apropos. From an early age, Lane learned the meaning of hard work and grit, watching her dad lay blacktop while perched on the seat of the asphalt roller. Her dad, who had a penchant for singing country songs, arguably sent her down the sonic highway she now travels. Lane, a South Carolina native now living in Nashville, has earned the reputation of being one of the strongest outlaw country songwriters – male or female – in Music City.

Trail Mix is excited to feature “Jackpot,” a brand new track from Highway Queen, this month.

Returning to Trail Mix is Otis Taylor, a banjo playing blues master whose music is rich with social commentary. To listen to Taylor is to delve deep into American history, particularly into the nooks and crannies that many folks would rather remain out of sight and mind. Fantasizing About Being Black, Taylor’s new record, continues his legacy of powerful insight into contemporary America.

Three tracks that are particularly exciting on this month’s mix are the offerings from Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge, Annabelle’s Curse, and The Sadies. Completely disparate, the tracks represent guitar duo mastery, acoustic driven indie folk, and electrified alt-country. Each track is incredible, and Trail Mix is happy to share all with you.

Rounding out the mix are new cuts from The Traveling Ones, Bell The Band, Southern Avenue, Caroline Reese & The Drifting Fifth, Kory Quinn, Shinyribs, Curtis McMurtry, Scott Biram, James Raftery, Kyle Alden, and Joseph King & The Mad Crush.

Great stuff is going to be happening on the Trail Mix blog this month, too. Keep your eyes peeled for chats with Lowland Hum, April Verch, Beth Snapp, and Charles Fontaine, longtime friend, fan, collector, and archivist for Vic Chesnutt, who will be discussing the year long venture at New West Records to release all of Chesnutt’s recordings on vinyl.

So much great music this month. So many great artists. Please get out there and support these good folks who are sharing their music with you via Trail Mix. Buy a concert ticket. Grab an album. Simply spread the good word. The music is too good not to.

You can grab the February edition of Trail Mix  by clicking here!!

Photo by Jessica Lehrman.

  1. Another Season Again The Sadies 2:25
  2. Bone Collector Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge 4:47
  3. Everything James Raftery 4:27
  4. Hard Blue Stones Curtis Mcmurtry 1:20
  5. I Got Your Medicine Shinyribs 3:58
  6. Better Than New Kyle Alden 3:20
  7. Be Here Now Annabelle's Curse 3:03
  8. Jackpot Nikki Lane 3:33
  9. Write Your Name Down Beth Snapp 3:11
  10. Long Old Time Scott H. Biram 3:49
  11. D To E Blues Otis Taylor 3:30
  12. Soft Picasso Vic Chesnutt 3:27
  13. Beast Caroline Reese & the Drifting Fifth 5:29
  14. Jump Cricket Jump April Verch 2:36
  15. Ghost Story Joseph King and the Mad Crush 3:49
  16. In The Shadow of The Tower of Babel Kory Quinn 5:40
  17. My Little Town Bell The Band 3:37
  18. Peace Will Come Southern Avenue 4:10
  19. Red Lights The Travling Ones 6:22
  20. Thin Places Lowland Hum 3:42


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