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Trail Mix – February 2018

Sunny War mesmerized me at first listen.

The California-based folk singer and guitarist blends country blues finger picking with a social awareness in her lyrics more often found in punk rock and rap music. Such sonic dissonance – which absolutely works – is rooted in Sunny War’s early days in Nashville and wayward childhood that eventual landed her in California, being raised by a single mom, and immersion in the Los Angeles punk scene. Recent years have seen Sunny War honing her craft on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, where she has reached near legendary status. Rolling Stone recently named her as an artist you should know. Take their word for it and listen here, as Trail Mix features “If I Wasn’t Broken,” from With The Sun, her brand new record that releases this week.

Every once in a while, an artist floats on the edge of my sonic consciousness for years and I don’t give him the full attention he deserves. That has happened this month with Grant-Lee Phillips, a noted singer/songwriter with a long and noted career, both as a solo artist and as a member of Grant Lee Buffalo. I dug into his catalog after dropping “The Wilderness” into this month’s mix and haven’t stopped listening. Do yourselves a favor and do the same if you don’t know Grant-Lee’s stuff.

This month, Trail Mix also features another track from The Oh Hellos, who are in the midst of releasing four EPS over the coming months. With the debut of each EP, a new track will be featured here and a feature is in the works with the last release. Check out “Grow”” from the Eurus on the mix.

Some great friends of Trail Mix are back again this month. New tunes abound from old favorites like The Wood Brothers, Jim White, Janiva Magness, Lynn Taylor & The BarFlies, Caleb Caudle, Julian Lage, Lew Card, Django Django, Wild Child, and the iconic Doc Watson.

New tunes from artists new to Trail Mix are also tip top this month. Trail Mix is happy to welcome Morgan Wade & The Stepbrothers, Nathan Kalish, Rainbrother, and Lowpines to the family.

This month’s blog has some great stuff in store for you. Stay tuned for chats with Ed Romanoff, Ruby Boots, and Western North Carolina’s own Maggie Valley Band.

As always, thanks for listening. Trail Mix and these great artists appreciate your support. Help spread the word and buy some music from these good folks.

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