Trail Mix – Hayley Sabella

I have never been so interested in a press release before.

So interested, in fact, that I didn’t even open it. I didn’t read it. I knew I could read it online, so I just looked at it and then propped it on my desk, near my computer, for future enjoyment. See, this particular press release was sealed, with wax, like some medieval parchment, or a message sent clandestinely from the worlds of Tolkien or Martin.

I had never gotten anything like that before and I sort of geeked out.

Admittedly, it was a cool touch from Hayley Sabella, a singer/songwriter from the Boston area. I am in love with her new record, Forgive The Birds, which drops later this month. Her voice is magical and the tunes on the new record, her second release, are spiced with both quiet introspection and sing-along hooks.

Hayley and I recently chatted about a number of things, including growing up a bit nerdy, the new record, and a rather unfortunate introduction to skiing.

BRO – I loved the wax seal on your press release. Too nerdy to say I felt like I had gotten a message via raven from King’s Landing?

HS – I am so happy to hear that feedback! I wanted to make it special somehow, and I’m glad it stood out. Even though I haven’t watched Game of Thrones, I grew up assuming every parent read Lord of The Rings to their kids, so I am not one to point a finger when it comes to that brand of nerdiness.

BRO – What’s the last song that gave you goosebumps?

HS – I think it was when I was listening to The Tallest Man on Earth’s latest EP, the one he did with yMusic. I have a weakness for orchestra-meets-folk music. Adding a string quartet and an oboe to fingerpicking is an instant chills-factory for me.

BRO – We are featuring “Turn Around” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?

HS – “Turn Around” is coming from a place of angst that most of us New Englanders can relate to this time of year – begging the weather gods to turn from winter to spring.

BRO – I caught some pictures on your Instagram feed. You in a walking boot. Some broken bone x-rays. You feeling better?

HS – I am feeling better, thankfully. Still rocking the boot and crutches until the end of April. But I am getting stronger and more flexible every day.

BRO – Recent ski mishap aside, if our readers are looking for some slope time up your way, where should they head?

HS – I am sad to say that this was my first time skiing! I was really getting the hang of it and feeling like I could eventually live the life of a ski bum. Until I saw bone coming through skin. The idea of whirling down an icy hill makes me a bit nauseous at the moment. But my roommates are huge skiers and they love Sugarbush in Vermont. Come to find out, they have great doctors on staff, which is a bonus!

Hayley’s tour schedule is a bit quiet now as she is recuperating from that busted leg. Fans in Plymouth, Massachusetts, can catch her on April 29th at The Spire Center. Until then, here’s hoping Hayley is on the mend and up and at it soon.

For more information on Hayley Sabella, the new record, and her tour schedule, be sure to take a look at her website. And while you are surfing around, take a listen to “Turn Around,” along with new tracks from Lindsay Lou, Western Centuries, and Charley Crockett on this month’s Trail Mix.

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