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It’s only appropriate that I open this week’s blog with some surfing imagery.

For those of you unaware of The Hip Abduction, take heed. The wave is building and the ride promises to be pretty rad.

The Hip Abudction, a septet from St. Petersburg, is drawing huge crowds in their native Florida with their blending of dance hall reggae, African rhythms, and indie pop. Folks from outside the Sunshine State are beginning to pay attention, with the band racking up some serious festival gigs for this summer.

Gold Under The Glow, the latest release from The Hip Abduction, is groovy and danceable, drawing on influences that span multiple continents. It’s a record that could only come from a band that calls Florida home, where Latin, African, and Caribbean inspirations collide.

I recently caught up with David New, lead vocal and guitarist with the band, to chat about the new record, beach life, and cosmic pumpkins.

BRO – Could your band have been born anywhere other than Florida?

DN – No way, man.

BRO – What do the sound guys normally say when you ask for a little more kamale ngoni in the mix?

DN – “Hey, man, did you mean the space pumpkin, bro? Yeah, I got you. Sounds like a sitar. I love Indian food.” That’s why we have our own sound crew.

BRO – Assume my knowledge of reggae begins and ends with Bob Marley. Give me three old school Jamaican artists to check out.

DN – Gregory Issacs, Wailing Souls, and Burning Spear.

BRO – We are featuring “Come Alive” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?

DN – Much of the new album is about dreams and the possible meaning behind the symbology. I’ve had a recurring dream where several wolves would appear for a short time and then disappear. It’s usually during stressful times in my life. But I never really know if it’s just random or if it has some sort of meaning. I’ve always wondered if it was someone in my past watching over me. They only thing I do know is that I always feel at peace when they are near. We are the wolves at play, we are the ones that sing you’re gonna be okay . . . 

BRO – What makes for the perfect day at the beach?

DN – Clean, head high waves and no one else in the water. No wind. PB&J and a coconut water in the cooler, and high-fiving a dolphin mid wave.

The Hip Abduction’s tour calendar is quiet until the middle of April, when the band shows up in Virginia for two nights in Roanoke. Two big gigs on the horizon include the North Carolina Brewers & Music Festival and Shaky Knees Festival in May.

For more information on the band or how you can get a copy of Gold Under The Glow, please surf over to the band’s website. Also, be sure to check out “Come Alive” on this month’s Trail Mix.

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