Trail Mix | January 2018

It’s a brand new year, and Trail Mix is back with one simple resolution: to bring you the best in roots and Americana music each and every month!

This month, the mix features a song from the soundtrack of the new indie film American Folk. Singer/songwriters Joe Purdy and Amber Rubarth star in the film as travelers who cross paths and end up on a cross country road trip to New York City together after their flight from Los Angeles was grounded following the September 11th terrorist attacks. The soundtrack features tracks written and performed by the film’s two stars, along with appearances by John Prine, Jerry Garcia, and David Grisman. “Townes,” an Amber Rubarth original, is featured here this month.

This month’s mix also welcomes back some fantastic friends and songwriters. Fuzzed out guitar rocker Ron Gallo makes his return, as do emotive songwriters Mary Gauthier and Heather Mahoney. Iconic rockers Big Star are back with a live record this month, and Richmond based songwriter Jonathan Vassar has also shared some music with the mix again.

A couple new artists to the mix also caught our ear. Check out the new tunes from Youth In A Roman Field, Ben Miller Band, Luthi, and Amigo.

Rounding out this top notch first mix of the year are cuts from David Myles, Abe Partridge, Captain of Sorrow, Dom Wier, Jesse Marchant, Jeffrey Gaines, and Hellen Keller Skelter,

Stay tuned to the Trail Mix blog, as chats with Althea Grace and The Wide Open are on tap, as is a ticket giveaway for Steep Canyon Rangers’ hometown album release party at the Arena.

And as you kick off a new year, consider some of these fantastic resolutions for yourself . . . Buy more music! Go see more live music! Support independent musicians! Talk about Trail Mix with a friend and help us spread the word about these great artists sharing their music with us. Buy some records from these folks. They’ll appreciate it.

  1. When My Baby’s Beside Me Big Star 3:28
  2. Feel Alright Jeffrey Gaines 3:31
  3. Frame For One Jesse Marchant 5:24
  4. Town Hall Youth in a Roman Field 3:52
  5. Townes Amber Rubarth & Joe Purdy 4:14
  6. Really Nice Guys Ron Gallo 2:08
  7. Park the Bench The Captain of Sorrow 3:19
  8. Minding Helen Kelter Skelter 5:16
  9. Going Midwest Steep Canyon Rangers 3:47
  10. Everybody Luthi 3:50
  11. Bullet Holes In The Sky Mary Gauthier 4:46
  12. Own Trip Now Amigo 3:15
  13. In Between Jonathan Vassar 3:08
  14. Akira Kurosawa Ben Miller Band 3:04
  15. Real Love David Myles 3:55
  16. Long Road Home The Wide Open 3:18
  17. Let Me Stay Heather Maloney 4:00
  18. Doses Dom Wier 3:07
  19. Colors Abe Partridge 5:21
  20. Blow Them All Away Althea Grace 3:47


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