Trail Mix July 2013: Free Music Playlist

Trail Mix began with a simple mission – the exposure of kick ass independent roots musicians flying below the radar of our readership.  This month’s mix – perhaps more than any other month to date – best satisfies that mission.

Trail Mix is lucky, on a regular basis, to feature nationally recognized artists who have achieved large measures of critical acclaim.  But those lesser known artists, the musicians and bands looking for a break or that glimmer of recognition, are just as exciting to us, and this month’s mix is rich with them.

This month’s mix serves to remind us that there are so many great, great bands out there looking to be noticed.  We are happy to do what we can here at Trail Mix to shine a light on this collection of fantastic talent.

In lieu of a typically wordy intro, we encourage you to just dig in.  Stream it.  Download it.  Wait for it to grab you, because it will.  Once you have those songs bouncing around your head, reach out and buy the discs; they will be just as good as what we have featured here.  Promise.

This is what Trail Mix is all about. Stream or download the free music below:

  1. Bronze Radio Return – Up On and Over
  2. Anthony D’Amato – Hand Williams Tune
  3. Bhi Bhiman – Guttersnipe
  4. Bombadil – Escalators
  5. Breaking Laces – Weighted Down
  6. Dan Miraldi – Out of Eden
  7. David Newbould – Always Coming Home
  8. Dwight Howard Johnson – Honest Chance
  9. Ghost & Gale – Take Me To The Fire
  10. Head for the Hills – Priscilla the Chinchilla
  11. Josh Halverson – Gimme One Shot
  12. L Shape Lot:The Duo – Fox on the Run
  13. Michael Coleman – Fly Away
  14. Mustered Courage – Standing By Your Side
  15. Red & The Romantics – Secret Garden
  16. Second Wind – It’s Gonna Be Alright
  17. Simpleton & Cityfolk – Won’t Let You Down
  18. Strugill Simpson – You Can Have the Crown
  19. The Barefoot Movement -Second Time Around
  20. The Deadly Gentlemen – Bored of the Raging
  21. The Westbound Rangers – One of These Days
  22. Valley Young – Little Bear

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