Trail Mix – June 2015

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Will Hoge makes his Trail Mix debut with yet another tune determined to make you cry.

Not too many musicians make me cry on a regular basis, but Will Hoge sure does.

A couple years ago, a good friend of mine shared with me this video of Will singing “Trying To Be A Man.” Being a father of three, this tune crawled inside me and turned my innards upside down. With no shame, I share that was a puddled mess by the end, and even now the sheer emotion of the tune brings a gasp or two each time I listen.

Will Hoge makes his first appearance on Trail Mix this month with “Little Bitty Dreams,” yet another yank-at-your-heart-strings ditty about balancing big time love with big time aspirations.

This month’s mix is just rich with amazing tunes. Amos Lee makes his Trail Mix debut with a song recorded at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony, as do mother and son duo Madisen Ward & Mama Bear. Darrell Scott releases a record of tunes written by a good friend (and songwriting buddy) who died way too young after fighting pancreatic cancer. Chris Robinson, one of my favorite front men ever, arrives with a brand new track with his band, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. The Revelers – one of the best Cajun bands out there – is featured, as are Woody Pines, Tellico, and The Honey Dewdrops, three bands with Asheville roots. The mix gets gritty with Heartless Bastards, grassy with The Railsplitters, jazzy with the Charlie Hunter Trio, and funky with Turkuaz.

Where else can you find this kind of music for free?

Be sure to check out brand new tracks from Annabelle’s Curse, Sour Bridges, Instant Empire, Rhett Miller, Jamie Lin Wilson of The Trishas, Nyx, Grant Demody, Chubby Knuckle Choir, Barna Howard, Round Eye, The Budrows, Jami Lynn, Jesse Terry, Kaia Kater, Reina Del Cid, and Earnest Lovers.

Be sure to pay attention to the Trail Mix blog this month. Chats with Darrell Scott, Jerry Lawson, Woody Pines, and Uncle Lucius are on tap. Also, if you are on Twitter, make sure to follow Trail Mix @BRO_trailmix. And, as always, get out and buy some of the great music these artists are sharing with you for free. Thank them for supporting Trail Mix by throwing some money your way. These great independent artists surely appreciate it.

  1. Black Rat Woody Pines 3:01
  2. Little Bitty Dreams Will Hoge 4:21
  3. The Light Uncle Lucius 3:03
  4. Can't Go Home Again Tellico 4:20
  5. Fine Life Sour Bridges 3:25
  6. City Livin' Round Eye 2:36
  7. Please Baby Please The Revelers 2:54
  8. Silent Movies Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear 3:21
  9. Oh Darlin' Kaia Kater 2:37
  10. Wine Jerry Lawson 3:38
  11. Just Some Things (Featuring Wade Bowen) Jamie Lin Wilson 4:30
  12. Coyote, Why Ya Been Lookin' so Thin? Jami Lynn 2:36
  13. Mind the Gap Instant Empire 2:57
  14. Fair Share Blues The Honey Dewdrops 4:38
  15. Gates of Dawn Heartless Bastards 3:22
  16. Baby Please Don't Go Grant Dermody 4:32
  17. Black Motel Chubby Knuckle Choir 3:52
  18. Shore Power Chris Robinson Brotherhood 5:18
  19. These People? Charlie Hunter Trio (Featuring Bobby Previte & Curtis Fowlkes) 4:21
  20. No Bad Whiskey The Budrows 3:36
  21. Lovedrunk Desperadoes Annabelle's Curse 3:55
  22. Violin Amos Lee 5:12
  23. Indiana Rose Barna Howard 4:30
  24. Sweet Annie Reina Del Cid 5:13
  25. Parade Nyx 5:28
  26. Still Missing You Earnest Lovers 3:53
  27. Danger The Railsplitters 3:28
  28. I've Got To Leave You Now Darrell Scott 5:21
  29. Most In The Summertime Rhett Miller 4:48
  30. Never Heard The Storm Jesse Terry 3:44
  31. Tiptoe Through The Crypto Turkuaz 5:00


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