Trail Mix | June 2016

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The Broadcast has made a name for itself as Asheville, North Carolina’s biggest purveyor of big and brash soul sounds.

Under the guidance of noted producer Jim Scott, who has previously worked with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grace Potter, Tom Petty, and Wilco, to name a few, The Broadcast is set to push beyond the edges of its trademark vintage soul on the band’s latest release, From The Horizon.

As the title suggests, the new record finds the band exploring new territory. While still steeped in soul – check out “Steamroller” on this month’s mix – From The Horizon sees vibrant lead singer Caitlin Krisko touching on country, blues, and rock influences, all .

Trail Mix is also excited to feature a brand new track from The Posies. Celebrating their first release and tour in six years, the band will be performing a series of secret/pop-up shows in small venues across the country. Only ticket holders will learn of the show locations, and only within 24 hours of the show. For more information on the tour and to see if one of these secret shows will take place near you, check out the band’s website.

Two particularly interesting tracks on this month’s mix are the new one from Kalispell, the new endeavor of Shane Leonard, known for his recent work with Field Report, and Nefish Mountain (husband and wife duo Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff), who blend the sounds of Eastern Europe Jewish culture with those of Appalachia.

Trail Mix is happy to welcome back a couple of our favorite artists. This month, Bryan Sutton, bluegrass guitarist extraordinaire, returns with some more blazing flatpicking, and Cahalen Morrison, who has been featured in two previous projects, Cahalen & Eli and Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer, returns with his new honky tonk band, Western Centuries.

Be sure to check out brand new tracks from Yarn, Caveman, Young Mister, Coty Hogue, Cornflower Blue, Jon Linsday, Elizabeth Wills, Andre Williams, Michael McDermott, Grant Farm, and The Danberrys.

Stay tuned to the Trail Mix blog this month for chats with The Honeycutters, James Justin & Co., the good folks at L.C. King Manufacturing, who have developed a very cool spin on marketing through roots music, and Charlie Faye & The Fayettes.

And, of course, be sure to share the word about the killer new music you discover here on the June edition of Trail Mix. Get out there and talk about these great artists. Buy some records. Go see a live show. Support them and thank them for supporting Trail Mix.

  1. Coming Around Elizabeth Wills 4:57
  2. Energy (Finale) JJ&Co. JJ & Co. 5:11
  3. On the Ropes The Honeycutters 3:18
  4. Walkin' Across This Land Bryan Sutton 2:54
  5. Long Walk Home Cornflower Blue 3:17
  6. Unlikely Places The Posies 3:42
  7. Sweet Little Messages Charlie Faye & The Fayettes 3:14
  8. Long Song The Danberrys 3:05
  9. Detroit (I'm So Glad I Stayed) Andre Williams 4:37
  10. Redtail Coty Hogue 3:52
  11. Pasadena Young Mister 3:47
  12. Off the Shelf Western Centuries 5:47
  13. Simple Life I Ride Yarn 3:37
  14. All Them Houses Jon Lindsay 3:03
  15. Fill Your Cup Grant Farm 4:00
  16. Never Going Back Caveman 2:59
  17. Steamroller The Broadcast 2:53
  18. Chasing The Sunset Nefesh Mountain 5:14
  19. Windfall Kalispell 4:27
  20. Shadow In The Window Michael McDermott 7:01


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