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Lord Nelson celebrates the release of the band’s new record Saturday at The Southern.

Just two weeks after rockin’ at Lockn’, Nelson County’s own Lord Nelson will be taking the stage at The Southern Music Hall in Charlottesville to celebrate the release of The County, the band’s debut record.

Lord Nelson – Henry Jones, Robert Word, Trevor Pietsch, and brothers Kai and Bram Crowe-Getty – have been performing since 2012, and the future is certainly bright for this quintet. In July, Lord Nelson won the Rockn’ to Lockn’ band competition and performed at the Nelson County festival earlier this month.

Now, Lord Nelson, whose rural rock has drawn favorable comparisons to The Band and Tom Petty, is poised to release their first record with a crowd of hometown friends.

I recently caught up with Kai Crowe- Getty to chat about performing at Lockn’ and the brand new record.

BRO – How was the tummy feeling prior to the announcement of the winner of the Rockn’ To Lockn’ band competition?

KCG – After playing our set at Rockn’ To Lockn’, we knew we had put our best foot forward, so everything else was out of our hands. All of the acts involved – Sally Rose Band, The Judy Chops, and The Mad Anthonys – are stellar regional acts, so it would have been no surprise if any of them had won. It was an honor to play with them. It meant a lot to advance and get the opportunity to play Lockn’, and that is due to our great friends and fans who came out to support us.

BRO – In five words or less, finish this sentence. “Being on stage at Lockn’ was . . . “

KCG –  . . . a surreal experience in every way. Seeing people we grew up with and folks from the community in homemade tee shirts on the front rail and cheering us on really brought home the honor of representing Nelson County in our own backyard.

BRO – What’s the best part of being in a band with your brother?

KCG – Bram and I were very close growing up. We were always pushing and challenging each other, sharing our successes and failures, so to be able to experience these moments as adults, working towards a common goal, is really a dream.

BRO – What excites you most about releasing the new record?

KCG – We have put a ton of time, energy, and resources into this record. It captures the sound and place of this band the way we always envisioned it thanks to some great engineers who helped shape the vision. After all the hard work, it will be great to have a strong product to tour behind and push forward to the next phase. It was a great experience making this record in the hills of Nelson County and we are proud of the results.

Lord Nelson, with special guests Downbeat Project and Erin Lunsford,  will be celebrating the release of The County on Saturday at The Southern Music Hall.

Want to go to the show? Here’s your chance. Take a shot at the trivia question below. Email your answer to A winner of two tickets to the show will be chosen from all correct answers received by noon on Friday, September 25th.

Question – Lord Nelson is also the name of a famous British naval commander. What was his first name?

Good luck, and remember to email your answers in! Don’t post them in the comment section! That’s just no fun for anyone!

Photo by Milo Farineau 


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