My everyday alter ego is mild mannered teacher of fifth grade math students, so when a cool story involving a kid comes along, I can’t leave it alone.

“Radiant,” the title track from Doug and Telisha Williams, the duo that forms that heart and soul of Wild Ponies, was co-written with Mariah Moore, a twelve year old student the Williamses met while working with a Country Music Hall of Fame program for kids.

Veteran music duo writes song with pre-teen? Said song becomes the title track of their new record?

That’s just awesome.

Trail Mix is excited to be featuring Wild Ponies’ “Born With A Broken Heart” on this month’s mix. Fans can catch the band at Rooster Walk at the end of this month.

Another cool addition to this month’s mix is the brand new tune from Kaia Kater, “Harvest And The Plough.” Kater, a product of the Davis & Elkins College Appalachian Ensemble, which was recently profiled on NPR, delivers a stark, haunting take on old time  banjo and Appalachian music. Be sure to check out her new record, Nine Pin.

Jimbo Matthus returns to Trail Mix this month, as do two of our good friends from the world of progressive bluegrass, Front Country and Fruition.

Also on this mix are great new tracks from Lizanne Knott, Jared Hard, Don Tigra, The Bills, The Lark & The Loon, The Haunted Windchimes, Terri Hendrix, Mosaics, The Batture Boys, The Quaker City Night Hawks, and Elliot Lipp.

Stay tuned to the Trail Mix blog. This month there are chats with Al Scorch, Ana Popovic, and New Madrid on tap,  and there tickets to see Susto at Asheville’s Tiger Mountain for you to win.

And, of course, please get out there and buy music from these great artists. Without your support, they cannot continue making the great music that they then share here on Trail Mix. Help spread the word, buy a concert ticket, share a track with a friend, and snag a record or two from your favorite local record shop.

  1. Come For The Kill Lizanne Knott 3:12
  2. Everybody's Talking The Haunted Windchimes 2:44
  3. Labor of Love Fruition 4:05
  4. Right Where You're At Jared Hard 3:27
  5. Cosmic Cowboy Susto 2:52
  6. Deep Water Horizon The Batture Boys 3:57
  7. Year of Valor MOSAICS 3:57
  8. Everybody Out Al Scorch 2:37
  9. Mockingbird Quaker City Night Hawks 3:19
  10. Stop Your Crying Jimbo Mathus 3:20
  11. Hittin' the Do The Bills 3:10
  12. Under The Light Of The Moon The Lark And The Loon 3:21
  13. Harvest and the Plough Kaia Kater 4:14
  14. Born With A Broken Heart Wild Ponies 3:30
  15. Boys of Summer Front Country 5:11
  16. Hook Me Up ft. Robert Randolph Ana Popovic 5:20
  17. How I Used To Try Don Tigra 4:27
  18. Love You Strong Terri Hendrix 4:07
  19. Not Quite Awake Eliot Lipp 3:15
  20. Summer Belles New Madrid 7:14


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