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For his latest record, Noah Gundersen again looks inside himself for inspiration.

Noah Gundersen’s muse lies within.

To bring forth the collection of songs that became Carry The Ghost, his brand new record that released last week, Gundersen derived inspiration through introspection. Using his music as a mirror, so to speak, Gundersen looked within himself, examining and reexamining the experiences, and his reactions to them, that have crafted him into the man he has become.

The end result proved to be a new sense of self-awareness for Gundersen and a record that will, undoubtedly, cause no small amount of introspection for listeners.

I recently caught up with Noah to chat about the new record, tattoos, and touring with family.

BRO – You sport an impressive number of tattoos. What was your first and what was its inspiration?

NG – My first was the barn swallow over my heart. I got it when I was eighteen at a little tattoo shop in my home town. To be honest, I just thought it looked cool and my girlfriend at the time liked it.

BRO – Got plans for the next one?

NG – Actually, yes. I’m going in tomorrow (August 17th) to Studio Arcanum in Seattle with Jack Matisse for a little skull on my arm.

BRO – I love the title of the new record. What do you think is more difficult – carrying our ghosts or letting them go?

NG – Learning to live with something is how we grow, I believe. Accepting the things that have made us who we are.

BRO – We are featuring “Jealous Love” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?

NG – It’s pretty clear cut in the lyrics. I’m not sure what I could really say about it. I think anyone that has been in a jealous relationship can relate. It’s about wanting something better.

BRO – Both your brother and sister are in your touring band. Do you all argue over who gets to ride shotgun?

NG – No! I keep them down! I’m the oldest. They gotta respect, you know.

Noah’s touring calendar is pretty quiet until early September.  Once he gets back on the road, he’ll be in the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and New England, among other places, before heading to the Southeast with dates in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia in mid-October.

For more information on Noah Gundersen, his touring schedule, or how you might get a copy of Carry the Ghost, check out his website.

Be sure to check out “Jealous Love” on this month’s Trail Mix, too.

Photo by Phillip Harder.

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